2011: Jonathan Set to Declare in Bayelsa

The long anxious waiting by Nigerians over the decision by President Goodluck Jonathan to run or not in the 2011 general elections may finally be over in September, if feelers emanating from Aso Rock and Creek Heaven are to be believed.
This indication was given further credence when confidential sources close to Governor Timipre Sylva of Bayelsa state hinted that arrangements have almost been concluded for President Goodluck Jonathan’s declaration for 2011 Presidency, expected to be made at a formal campaign rally scheduled to kick off in his home state of Bayelsa, in September 2010, after the Moslem Ramadan Festival.
The rally which will be hosted by Governor Timipre Sylva, will be organized under the auspices of Conference of Niger Delta Youths and FLASHPOINT was reliably informed that the proposed date for this epoch making event, which had earlier been fixed for August, was carried forward as result of the fact that it coincided with the Moslem Ramadan period and President Jonathan did not want to disrespect the Nigerian Moslem community by fixing his declaration on such an important religious and holy period in the Moslem calender.
Unimpeachable sources within the Rally organizers camp confirm that the September date was chosen to respect the Moslem community in Nigeria and to also ensure that the declaration did not come too early or too late.
The rally, according to sources is expected to attract all the Niger Delta State governors, who had already endorsed President Jonathan for 2011, to re-affirm their loyalty and acceptability of President Jonathan’s candidature.
Coordinator of the Niger Delta Youth Leaders Conference, Hendriks Opukeme confirmed that the rally would be a total one and that most Niger Delta youth organizations are involved because they are determined to ensure that, for the first time, a son of the South-South is in vantage position to contest the Presidency of Nigeria.
Tagged ‘Affirmation and Sensitization’ rally, Opukeme explained that the philosophy behind the event is to counter the series of threats and provocative utterances emanating from some quarters against the propriety of President Jonathan’s aspiration to lead the country beyond 2011. He described as ‘an insult to the collective intelligence of the people of the South-South the calls from some quarters, including a section of the South-South, that President Jonathan should just conduct election and go in 2011.
The coordinator, who was supported by other members of the conference, said the his group was already mobilizing toward the rally, adding “we are in support of President Jonathan for 2011 because he represents the generational change we have been clamouring for; he is not a recycled politician like others.
“It would be a monumental morale booster and a veritable instrument of regional solidarity and support for our son if the project is successfully implemented. Youths constitute 60 per cent of all the manpower and therefore the mobilization of the youths to assert ourselves and chart a purposeful direction in the events and processes leading to the emergence of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as president beyond 2011,” he said.
“Besides, in a mono-cultural national economy, where oil and gas resources from the bowels of the Niger Delta accounts for over 80 per cent of Nigeria’s federally generated revenue for 50 years and whereas the northern geo-political entity alone has ruled for 38 years, the South-West and South-East, 12 years, there couldn’t have been an appropriate time than now for the South-South to produce the next elected president,” Opukewe stated.
It will be recalled that, following the release of a tentative schedule for next year’s elections by the new Electoral Act, and the commitment of the new INEC boss Prof. Atahiru Jega that elections will be conducted on schedule, the frenzy in the political environment has been intensified with the zoning debate taking centre stage, as regards the eligibility or otherwise of President Jonathan to contest the 2011 polls.
This rally will not only put paid to that speculation, but also send a clear signal to the North that the people of the South South and the Niger Delta are ready to match them all the way in the bid to secure  the Presidency for the region, 50 years after Nigeria got independence in 1960.
President Jonathan is presently fasting with Nigerian Moslems.

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