Delta PDP and Internal Democracy

There is no doubt that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)in Delta state is the leading party in the state today. The way and manner the party swept the January 6, 2011 re-run election is an indication of the reach and might of the PDP in the state.However, the recent Primaries conducted by the PDP across the state has left very huge question marks about the sincerity and commitment of the party to enhance our democratic status by establishing and promoting the tenets of internal democracy withing its operations.From the Ward congresses, through the delegates selection process to the party  primaries for all the elective positions, the PDP displayed a worrisome absence of proper internal democracy in the entire process.Montesquieu, the great French political thinker and social commentator has already given us a universally accepted definition of democracy which is government of the people for the people and by the people and Maurice Duverger, the renowned French jurist and sociologist suggested in his now famous Duverger’s law,  that Political parties are the lifeline of modern politics and serve as a nexus or synthesis between a party system and an electoral system which creates a proportional representation system and energizes the electoral conditions necessary to foster democratic development.In other words, a political party represents the aspirations and desires of a people in a system of representation and social contract, in which the people are freely allowed to choose who they wish to represent them and thus ensure the achievements of their desires in a political system. What this translates into therefore is that the political party must first ensure that it has established internal democracy within its operations before it can now seek to presents itself as a veritable conduit to propose persons who wish to represent the people in an elective capacity. What happened in the PDP, Delta state primaries can hardly be regarded as an exhibition of internal democracy in the party. The plethora of protests, the hues and cries of irregularities, the damning allegations of oppressive substitutions and the authoritarian display of autocratic leadership, with the intent to subvert the obvious desires of the people in certain constituencies,  can not be regarded, by any stretch of the imagination, as shining examples of internal democracy, within the party in the state.The truism that to whom much is given, much is also expected rings true with the PDP in Delta state and the ultimate conflict which this apparent mis-interpretation of internal democracy has excavated reconciles itself with the twin concept of social responsibility as a political party and opportunistic service in the interest of a coterie of self seeking leaders, constituting themselves into a cabal that operates with the finitude of Ozymandias.This is surely not good for our democracy and the sooner the PDP in Delta state begins to accept the fact that democratic power truly belongs to the people and not a cabal, the better we will be as a state as our democracy continues to chug along into the new millennium.

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