We Will Create New States – Mark

There are strong indications that, having failed to address the very important issue of States creation in the 6th Session of the National Assembly, the newly Inaugurated 7th Assembly Session will consider the matter as one of its major priorities.

Three statements at separate fora by Senate President David Mark have made the position of states creation clearer and further confirmed that the issue will not end with the tenure of the 6th session National Assembly.

Senator Mark gave the first assertion while receiving a delegation of Orimili State Creation Movement from Anambra State. In a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Paul Mumeh, Mark reminded the delegation that the process of state creation requires tedious and painstaking efforts, adding that the 6th session of the National Assembly made efforts to create more states as demanded by some Nigerians, but was unfortunately caught up with time, coupled with the fact that some of the documentations required in the consideration of matter still needed some fine tuning.

According to him: “The process of state creation is tedious and painstaking but it is possible and surmountable, we are doing everything possible to get the process right.”

Mark said the National Assembly is committed to meet the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians of which state creation is one of the issues desired by the people and also added that there was the need to create a constitutional role for traditional rulers in order to empower them and give legal backing to their functions.

The second indication on the issue was given by the Senate President during the valedictory dinner and gala night for the members of the 6th National Assembly. In a veledictory dinner speech where he captured some of the anecdotal highlights of his tenure, he recalled how Senator Ayogu Eze as member of the Committee on Constitutional Reforms headed by Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremmadu, would cleverly chip in the matter of the creation of Apa state, a project close to the heart of Senate President Mark, and thus soften and subtly get all the necessary benefits accruable through ways and means.

According to the Senate President, Ayogu would regularly interject with the magic phrase; “We must create Apa state” into their conversation even as he equally introduced the demands of the Committee for the Senate President’s approval, all of which ensured the excellent  performance of the Committee.   However, President Mark warned Ayogu jokingly that this ploy will no longer work in the new Senate because “ State Creation will be done in the 7th session of the Senate and Apa State will be one of the states to be created” he said.

And only recently the Senate President gave the strongest aeertion yet when he re-iterated the same position that the National Assembly remained committed to amending the 1999 constitution to give room for the creation of more states in Nigeria.

Senator Mark, gave the assurance during a thanks giving service in his home town, Otukpo, and added that he would be guided by God and the constitution in the discharge of his duties as the President of the Senate.

He maintained that state creation was a certainty because the National Assembly was confident that the creation of more states would enhance development and bring government closer to the people.

Emphasising his resolve to ensure that the Constitutional Amendment continued, Mark  said “the dream of our people to have Apa State created will be realised.

“I am committed to it and I believe that creation of additional states would be in the interest of our people because development would be nearer to them.”

This confirmation,coming from Senate President David Mark, irrespective of the forum in which it was delivered has finally given the clearest and strongest indication yet that the issue of states creation is very prominent in the agenda of the 7th National Assembly and is also a clarion call to all those agitating for states of their own, like Anioma state, to ensure that they perfect all the necessary documentations and engage the strongest lobbysts, because more states will surely be created in addition to the now confirmed Apa state championed by none other than Senate President David Mark.

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