Barely late last year, one Mr Emma Addeh wrote a comprehensive and incisive article to most of the National dailies which he titled as “Delta state is still crawling at 20,” Many ardent observers and social critics believe that the writer was plausibly correct while Uduaghan praise singers saw this article as a figment of distrust and being sponsored by some political foes of the State who never wish the government well in all ramifications. Even to the extent that one of the Uduaghan‘s cabinet replied the writer with disenchant. This article actually exposed the non achievements of the present governor Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan and equally drawn the attention of readers to some essential areas of developmental projects which the Delta State government refuse to cite infrastructure and others. He further said Delta State did not merit the celebration rather an avenue to amass wealth of the State in the name of celebration and many Deltans are living in agog and pains of unbearable poverty over the years with no hope of survival while few are looting the wealth of the State.

Ever since Delta State was  curved out from the former Bendel State in August 27, 1991, only little developmental projects could be fixed while deplorable roads of some areas in the State is nothing to write home about. Some of these so-called infrastructural projects are being celebrated on the pages of newspapers, magazines and Television stations without manifestation. Having taken a look at some states where the ruling party was whitewashed at the last April elections 2011, the opposition parties have able to prove to Nigerians that  PDP has totally failed as a party. Since  May 29, 1999, when the former governor chief James  Ibori took over power and creatively looted the State’ resources and Delta  State as a virgin land of no hope until nemesis was caught on him in the foreign land. There is no need to commemorate Delta State at 21 because the State cannot be quantifiable to other States in Nigeria whose State governors have able to inject gargantuan projects within one year in office. Even most State governors are in their second term as creditably done well without shilly-shallying.

The fact vestiges that the present State governor was not actually the candidate the Delta people wanted but it was conscripted and imposed on the then governor Chief James Ibori who suspiciously manipulated the election result to favor his candidate. Delta people later accepted it with no option to confront the authority of the Delta cabals. Uduaghan’s first term witnessed low monumental achievements which almost made him to lose the re-run election that was conducted by INEC against Chief Great Ogboru , the DPP governorship candidate. The three point agenda of Dr  Emmanuel Udaughan is still not making any significant progress only those connected to Asaba rock can be great beneficiaries of these laudable programmes which he claimed that all Deltans are benefiting and nothing else. The Delta State House of Assembly is not left out. If Delta fails today and tomorrow the State legislators must be held responsible. Though Uduaghan projects Warri as the best commercial city in Delta State which any new comer that visits Delta State will see that the governor is actually working. Most Delta communities are living in total isolation while only few are befitting including state leadership. No wonder many people keeping writing on Delta state marginalization and others.The state governor has tried to bring free health care services to the Deltans to some extent which needed to be applauded. It is appalling that  some political elements are agitating for 2015  governorship candidate while those be elected are yet to give Deltans the dividends of democracy.

One thing that keeps bothering my mindset while the Delta State governor being regularly invited to some State governors’ states to celebrate their political achievements while Uduaghan himself invited none expect few projects being pioneered by him in recent times. Though Uduaghan is one of the serving governors who has encountered great mortification. Though his mouth- watering promises made when he was sworn in office on May 29, 2007 is yet to be provided. The so-called writer Mr Emma Addeh tagged Uduaghan ‘s government as a failure and nothing  to be celebrated.  The State governor has given awards to some Deltans who never merited it but political sycophants only succeeded in promoting projects never existed. Unlike one of the serving Isoko south legislators who used the local media to advertise projects never seen but only interested in buying cutlasses for his people. What a wicked politician?

Delta State has 25 local governments and three Senatorial districts which are Delta south, Delta north and Delta central which only two has benefited from the State leadership and nothing. The Isokos, Aniomas and Ukwanis have not tested the state power since its configuration while its area is about   17,011 square kilometers and population is  4,062, 676  and major languages are Igbo, Isoko, Urhobo, Itsekeri, Igala and Izon. It is ranked number 16th in Nigeria and endowed with a natural resource which contributes 35 percent of crude oil and gas to Nigeria’s economy with huge monthly federal allocation yet no evidence of development. Though we can say hear that Uduaghan has not performed creditably well. The recent development stride of fixing Umeh road which was abandoned by previous government is testimonial of leadership by example. Some communities in Delta state are still living in deplorable state in all ramifications.

Lastly, Uduaghan has done well to overhaul the education sector and provide free medical services to Deltans at all levels. The high rate of kidnapping of high-flying sons and daughters is startling which the government must provide solution and not to prevent Deltans from the State.


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