okowa1I am yet to see someone that is averse to success in life. Also, is there anyone that does not want to enjoy wealth or good fortune in life? While success speaks of the achievement of a plan or purpose, especially the attainment of fame, wealth or power; good fortune speaks of the attainment of financial wealth or material possession. Indeed, these definitions speak about prosperity.

And what is prosperity? Encarta English Dictionaries gives an insight as it defines prosperity as a “period of heightened economic activity in which a society has a feeling of progress and well-being.” For the people of Delta State, it would appear that the time they have longed for in terms of heightened economic activity that will translate into wealth creation and prosperity for them as individuals and for the state as a community is imminent.

Of course, the harbinger of this prosperity crusade is the effulgence from Owa Alero, in Delta state called Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, a trained medical doctor, consummate politician, efficient administrator, senator par excellence and a true son of Delta state. He is the governorship flag bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in next Saturday’s election.

There is something that is going for him more than his opponents in the governorship race; it is his experience as one that is involved in politics and governance. On why he is seeking to be governor of Delta State he said recently: “I have been part of governance and the democratic imperatives of how a government is run successfully in our time. I am ready to serve in a more challenging capacity to impact on the lives of the people of Delta state.”

On what his approach to governance would be if elected, he said: “I am passionate about wealth creation for our people and economic development. Above all, I am passionate about the well being of our people.” This he hopes to achieve through his blue print on sustainable development anchored on the SET agenda of Service, Empowerment and Transformation, all which reflect the core issues of concern to the people of Delta state. But why is Okowa sustainable development initiative anchored on SET? He declared: “My vision is to take Delta state to the status of the pacesetter in the Nigerian federation by building and enduring legacy of wealth and prosperity.” His crusade is Prosperity for all Deltans. Of course, he took time to reflect on this, knowing that the entire Delta State is his constituency. He intends to achieve his vision of making Delta State a pacesetting state in Nigeria by building an enduring legacy of wealth and prosperity through:

  • Strategic wealth creation projects and provision of jobs for all Deltans’
  • Meaningful peace building platforms aimed at political/ social stability.
  • Agricultural reforms and accelerated industrialization.
  • Relevant health and education policies, and
  • Transformed environment through urban renewal.

His pledge is that at the end of his tenure as governor, Delta state will be one in which there are gainful employment opportunities, a flourishing agriculture and agri-business sector, effective health and educational systems, and renewed urban infrastructure and security that would enhance continued economic growth and the prosperity of all Deltans.

On his wealth creation and employment generation agenda for instance, Okowa plans that employment will remain the central theme of all his policies, reflecting his strong conviction that deliberate government focus and action is needed to stem the tide of rising unemployment. He says: “Our intervention strategy will combine time-tested and trusted quick-win schemes and long-term plans for job/wealth creation in the state.” On peace building and security, Okowa intends to take appropriate measures to sustain, increase, and even introduce new measures to contain and tackle the sources which breed and encourage insecurity. For agriculture, Okowa will encourage and create the enabling environment for commercial farming to thrive through the private sector and public/private partnership. “I shall engage the youth in farming through a structured process that will encourage cluster farming alongside supporting and promoting out-growers associations. … There will be a structured relationship with the farming population with a view to enhancing production, storage and marketing; provision and improvement of transportation infrastructure in the rural areas to facilitate movement of farm produce. It is my earnest desire to encourage and create the enabling environment for commercial farming to thrive through the private sector and public/private partnership. I will ensure the active participation of the local government in the development of agriculture.

Okowa’s vision is spiced with his commitment to the unity of Delta state. He says: “Unity is fundamental and it shall be driven under my leadership with equity and justice, with peace and security, and through thoughtful policies that will deepen inter-communal relationships and the unique features and character of the state. No one can doubt my deep knowledge and commitment to my people of Delta State, to all the communities, the aspirations of the people, and the tremendous challenges facing us. My faith in Delta State is limitless, unwavering and bountiful. Even when my constituency became delimited by law to Delta North, I never ceased to be of service to the entire people of Delta State.”

Okowa, as a good wine does not need to be bushed. He is tested. He has the vision that tally with the desire of every Delta. In Delta, each and every one of us desire success, wealth and good fortune. The other word for this is prosperity. This is what Okowa plans to make possible for every Deltan. This is why he deserves our votes. Vote him in as governor and make this prosperity for all more than a mere slogan but a tangible reality. We need to create the environment for this vision to thrive, and the only way to so do is to vote massively for him to ascend the throne as the next governor of Delta State. It is in doing so that we can manifest as the architects of our own fortune.

Abiandu, a Journalist and fish farmer lives in Asaba.        


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