okowa231Delta State is one of the richest States in Nigeria. A State blessed with milk and honey, with the best lovely people and leaders of inestimable value.

It’s no longer news that Delta State for some years past is still under developed,with some areas neglected due to some tribal and political sentiments. Delta State as we all know,belongs to everyone of us irrespective of tribe or political differences.

Note that for any nation to grow, a good leader is needed to rule as it is clearly stated that when a bad leader is in power,lamentation becomes the order of the day; but when a good leader is in power, celebration and overflow of joy becomes the peoples culture.

April 11th 2015 will forever remain an unforgettable day in the history of Delat State due to the politics played by Deltans; and the decision taken at the end of the whole political exercise.

When the people mandate is at work and been celebrated, what becomes of the people is peace and unity. This certainly is what has been displayed by Deltans. Deltans from this political exercise,have displayed high sense of humour, respect for human right and the vote of the people.

Among the 36 States of the federation, Delta State remains the number one most peaceful State and a State where the peoples vote counted,thereby ensuring a no violence during and after the elections.

Like we all know, in every election there must be a winner; and by the special grace of God, Senator Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa happened to be the winner arising from the mandate of the almighty and that of Deltans.

The power of Deltans vested on them as the electorates can never be compromised; but rather it will be reciprocated by transforming every part of Delta State irrespective of the tribe and political differences knowing that the people still have the power to vote out any non performing political office holder.

It will be said loud and clear that the era of abandoning a particular area due to political differences is over. The era of giving out appointment due to family or personal relationship not because of performance is over. The era of playing tribal politics is over as the new era of politics and a new era of Prosperity For All Deltans has come to stay.

Senator Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa is really a leader of inestimable value, a man who hates tribal politics, a man who plays politics with the fear of God.

We thank God we voted for a man who has promised to give prosperity to all Deltans not to Anioma or to Delta South or Delta Central.


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