buhari1The National Peace Building and Conflict Reconciliation Organisation (NPBCRO) had again called on General Mohammadu Buhari to have peace as his main focus in ruling the country as he takes over from President Goodluck Jonathan.

The body in a recent meeting in Ozoro, Delta state in a statement signed by Bishop Greatman Nmalagu, said that the organisation through studies had found that the major hindrance to the socio, economic and political development of the country, had been issues of crises, and as such he should try as much as possible to avoid further crises in the country, if he so desired to bring the much needed development to the people, and for his government to be better than the previous governments.

The group in the statement said that one of the potential conflict area, is political crises, and he should try as much as possible to avoid political crises, but rather build bridges of peace, and reconciliation among the people of Nigeria and parties, to foster unity and development.

The organisation further stated that, the election had come and gone, and what Nigerians need now is to start building the future, and anything that will make the people to remember the issues of the election should be put behind. The body therefore said that she is not comfortable with the threat and arm twisting of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), by the All Progressive Congress (APC), to forcefully take the states of Delta, Akwa Ibom and Rivers states which had been given to the PDP, by the people, that such action, is nothing but turning the country, into a one party state, which will not be good for democracy, and will deprive the people the freedom of expression and association.

The body in concluding said that the best for the government of General Mohammadu Buhari is to study the country as he takes over the mantle of leadership before making statements on the way forward.

It also called for total peace reconciliation, in the North East, and said that if granting amnesty to the Boko Haram sects is the best way to achieve peace, the incoming government should do so, but not to breed more ground for lack of trust and crises in the country, to avoid further socio economic problems in the country.


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