GREATMAN1Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State has been commended for being the first governor or administrator, since the creation of the State 24 years’ ago, to bring Muslims and other religious bodies together through physical interaction towards establishing religious peace in the state.

Alhaji Lawal Imam, Vice chairman of Non-Indigenes Association of Delta State made the commendation when the Executive Assistant to the Governor on Religious Matters, Bishop Greatman Nmalagu visited the Cable Central Mosque, Asaba and addressed the leadership and worshippers on GovernorOkowa’s gospel of peace and the SMART agenda, AS PART OF CELEBRATIONS TO MARK THE Delta at 24 Anniversary.

Welcoming Bishop Nmalagu Greatman to the mosque, Alhaji Imam said: “This is the first time we are witnessing a Christian leader coming and stepping into the mosque with a government message of partnership with Muslims in the state.We have never witnessed it. This is why we seeing in this move, a good omen that speaks well about the disposition of Governor Okowa to mean well and do well for all of us,” he said.

Earlier, Bishop Nmalagu Greatman had conveyed the Governor’s message of commendation for the contributions that they have been making through the peaceful practice of the Islamic religion in the state and the state capital.

“You have been engaged in lawful activities and bringing unity in Delta State. I am here on behalf of the governor to seek your partnership with the Delta State government. Delta State is a state with different religious bodies, Christians, Muslims and traditional religious believers,” he said.

He explained that Delta state believes in God, that Delta State belongs to God, and that the state believes in peace, which is an integral part of the SMART agenda of Governor Okowa administration that has been put in place to bring prosperity to all Deltans.

“Take every one around you in Delta State as your own. We have only one governor in this State. Partner with us in peace making, and you are free to make your genuine and lawful investments in the State,” Bishop Nmalagu said.

In his response, the Chief Imam of the mosque, Alhaji Umar Aliyu expressed gratitude for the visit of the governor’s aide.

“We are very happy today. We have been in Asaba even when the State was created 24 years ago. We thank God for the grace to see the 24th anniversary of the state. We pray for wisdom for the governor. May God lead and guide the leaders in the effort to ensure that they make Nigeria a better and safer place for all of us”, the Chief Imam said.

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