by Chukwudi Abiandu & David Diai

Cynics and those sneering and are sarcastic about the administration of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State have been told to repent and be redeemed from their misguided negative attitudes to issues about the administration by supporting and joining hands with the governor in his effort to surmount the hard challenges confronting the state currently.

Notable businessman, former chairman of Police Community Relations Committee, Oshimili South Local Government and a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta state, Chief Cassidy Iloba in making the plea in Asaba, also has words of advice for the governor as he seeks to deliver his agenda of prosperity to all Detlans.

Pointing out that Okowa needs to be encouraged rather than be vilified, Iloba recalled how the governor went to the House of assembly to intimate the legislators that Delta State is indebted. “Truth can be very bitter. And, don’t forget that Okowa is a PDP man. He said he state is in debt to the tune of so and so billions. And when you come to your house that you all built, you will not come and destroy it. Instead you want to remove the rut to make sure that the house stands. That is what Okowa is doing now,” Iloba said.



He continued: “I was among the people who cried out that all those stole government vehicles, and parked them in their houses; the vehicles should be recovered to help Okowa to grow. We should not spend the little money that we have to buy vehicles again.”

Chief Iloba called on antagonists of the governor to give him a chance, saying that the man has problems to tackle. “They should allow him to work and finish his tenure. Okowa is not slow. A look at the problems we have in Delta State, such are not what should be dabbled into without caution and proper assessment and diagnosis. They require somebody to sit down and plan properly how to solve them. You cannot rush into it so as not to make mistake,” he said, adding: “I want to plead with people that they should please, for God’s Sake, allow Okowa to work. We are all brothers in this state. The same problem we have in Oshimili is the same type we have in Ethiope, the same we have in Warri, and we have it in Ughelli, and in those other areas. It is all in Delta State. But Asaba is the capital of an oil producing state. When there’s rainfall in Asaba , you can’t come out of your house. They should allow Okowa to work. He has created Asaba Capital Territory Development Agency. He has not even put money there, but people are demonstrating.

“They should remember that we are all Deltans, and that we are all of one father. But they should allow this state to have peace. We don’t kill people in Delta state. We are a happy family. So, we should come together and give Okowa the chance to work and see how far he can go,” Chief Iloba pleaded.  

And while commending Governor Okowa on the appointments being made so far, but called for caution, saying: “I don’t blame him for the appointments. I congratulate him, but he should be very careful so that people don’t pressurize him to do what he doesn’t want to do, because they helped him to win election. He must be careful of sycophants, name droppers and destroyers.”  



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