helen mukoroHelen Mukoro, 45, was born in Delta State, Nigeria, to Mr Anthony Mukoro (the late Director General of the defunct Bendel State Government Treasury’s Cash Office) and Mrs. Mary Mukoro amd Apkomudjere, a retired Civil Servant. Governor’s Office, Delta State, Nigeria.

She is niece to Dr. A.G Onokhoraye, former Vice-Chancellor of University of Benin, in the defunct Bendel State, Nigeria and a stepdaughter to Hon Justice Emmanuel Akpomudjere, the late Chief Judge of Delta State, Nigeria.

Helen holds several academic qualifications. Aside graduating in Law at the Spanish National University Alicante, she also holds the following degrees

1. Master degree in Criminology

2. Masters degree in Social Education,

3. Post graduate certificate in Tax and Labor Management,

4. Post graduate certificate in Forensic Psychology,

5. Post graduate certificate in Immigration and Domestic Violence.

She worked as a legal consultant (Immigration Department) at the Red Cross Society, Spain and presently owns a legal firm. She served as the CEO and President at the African Europe Chamber of Commerce. She is also CEO/President at National Agency of Forensic Experts, Mediators and Technical Professionals of Spain and Europe.

She attended Saint Ita’s Girls College. Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria. She proceeded to studying for a Diploma Certificate in Agriculture (College of Agriculture, Anwai, Delta State, Nigeria) before travelling to Spain in 1992.

She also worked at the Ministry of Agriculture, Benin City, Nigeria and later deployed to Governor’s Office (Women Affairs Department) as Agricultural Officer, to help the rural women in Agriculture, and Asaba when Delta State was created. Helen has authored 22 books.

At this moment, she works as politician and forensic expert. In Spain, when you contest for a political position, you can’t work in your profession, so she had stepped down as lawyer.

She will be running for Spanish Presidency on December 20th 2015 on the platform of Union De Todos.


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