ukah1Delta State Commissioner for Information, Mr. Patrick Ukah, yesterday, charged staff of the ministry to change their work attitude and allow the spirit of private business to guide them in the discharge of their responsibilities, just as he assured Management and Staff of Delta State Broadcasting Service (DBS) Warri of state government’s preparedness to complete the on-going digitalization of the media for effective service delivery.

Mr. Ukah gave the charge while addressing the Management and Staff of Delta Broadcasting Service (DBS) Warri on his maiden official visit to the television house, promising that the state government was going to do everything possible to get back the contractors to ensure that they get the digital studio running.

He admonished DBS workers to critically look in the direction of improving on the quality of programmes and services they aired to the public as it was the only impetus needed in the quest towards commercialization of the station, adding that the commercial base of the company would increase if value was added to their products.

“I know that to improve on the value of what you are delivering right now, the digital studio is really needed so that you get a clearer picture of your transmission and at the same time, I believe the reach will be wider when you get digital transmission. I am impressed with the radio studio and what I have seen here we can actually run uninterrupted which means that when the digital is down, the analogue can pick up.”

“What I also found out is that you can also really commercialize the analogue studio by allowing independent producers to use it. They can use the editing room to do their editing and you can get a few cash from them. I am really encouraged and I hope by the time we get Asaba running and we link Asaba with Warri for a network programmes, we should be able to improve the services of DBS Asaba and Warri,” Mr. Ukah stated.

He said that there is an urgent need for DBS Warri to improve on its programmes and add value to its content which according to him, was the antidote needed to attract commercials, noting that value factor remains a driving force for any viable agency.

“You really need to bring in value factor. Warri is a commercial nerve centre and with your reach, I know you get to Bayelsa, part of Rivers State, you get to Edo State, that is about four or five states which goes to show that people who produce and sell services around this area, we consume their products so they need to reach us. If they want to reach us they must place advert on our TV. So we must work on that.”

“The next time I am coming to Warri is to talk about how we are going to raise money to take care of the Ministry of Information in Delta State. And it is possible we can do it. Don’t get frightened. Let’s think not like civil servants, let’s think like the private sector. So what we need to do is to improve on your station, get all working tools, then we go out and sell what we have. What we have is good station, good programmes and good reach. And once you do that, people will bring money and we will make money.”

Reacting to a question which described the 2016 budget proposal of the Ministry of Information as modest budget, he said, “You can call it modest but I call it practical budget, I don’t call it modest. When I mean practical we are attacking issues that we know will increase our value. And you don’t finish all the work in one day. But the plan in the Ministry of Information is that we are going to touch everything gradually yet keeping all of them functional.”

He admonished Deltans to prepare for the present economic realities in the country, noting that it will no longer be business as usual.

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