Ahead of the re-run National and State Assemblies elections in designated constituencies in Rivers State, three Local Government Areas in the state are under politically motivated vicious attacks which have left in their trail, tales of deaths, blood, destruction and open intimidation.

These joint military/Police invasions have taken place in three LGAS of the state namely Gokana, Asari-Toru and Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni(ONELGA). One recurring decimal in these three deadly invasions is the fact that one Major Mustapha features in all of them. Major Mustapha , a Pro-APC military officer, was the Rivers State APC star witness during the hearing of election petitions in Abuja.

At Asari-Toru LGA on 6th January, 2016, Major Mustapha and his team of dare-devil soldiers and mobile policemen invaded the residences of the caretaker council chairman, Ambassador Sobomabo Jackrich, destroying his homes and valuables before killing about five youths. They also abducted 50 youths and women who were taken to Port Harcourt.

The same scenario played out in Bua Yeghe in Gokana LGA where Major Mustapha and his illegal politically motivated squad attacked the home of Chief Solomon Ndigbara, a former Niger Delta agitator. They burnt his home, before abducting his wife and 70 other youths. The Major Mustapha illegal squad also attacked the home of Chief Ndigbara in Port Harcourt, damaging the facility.

On 13th January, 2016 the soldiers and mobile policemen were at ONELGA were they unleashed mayhem on lives and property. The residents of the area are still counting their losses.

It is imperative to point out that in these three LGAs where Major Mustapha and other illegal security operatives struck, they were accompanied by known APC political thugs and militants who acted as identity operatives. These APC agents who were embedded in these illegal operations were kitted with security uniforms. Despite these security costumes, they were identified by locals.

This level of political desperation is unknown to the nation’s democratic history. No authority had in the past handed security platforms to political thugs and associates to unleash untold mayhem and deaths on law abiding citizens.

But one thing is clear this resort to intimidation and destruction will not improve the lack lustre fortune of Rivers APC. If anything, it has further depleted the party’s miserable five percent. The immediate past governor of Rivers State and leader of Rivers State APC, Mr Chibuike Amaechi squandered N3trillion that accrued to the state under his watch leaving the people impoverished and angry. That unconscionable act will not be forgotten simply because APC has authorised Major Mustapha to kill innocent people.

Those who sent Major Mustapha must be told that there is no APC in Rivers State. The party thrives on falsehood and mismanagement of resources. The Rivers people are enjoying good governance and first class performance under Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike. They have therefore committed themselves to the PDP.

Every well meaning Nigerian is invited to take note of this unprecedented violence being visited on innocent Rivers people by the military and the police under the ungodly guidance of the Rivers State APC. The National Human Rights Commission is also invited to play her role at this critical time. The affected local government areas have on their own conducted media tours of the invaded communities. The civil society is in the know of the illegal invasions of the unarmed communities.

Rivers State is PDP with Governor Wike as the people ordained leader with the magic wand of delivery being enjoyed by the state. No amount of military/Police intimidation can promote APC in the state.

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