COURT OF APPEAL REAFFIRMS SENATOR OMO-AGEGE’S VICTORY (Press Statement by Prince Henry Efe Duku, Senior Legislative Aide to Senator Ovie Omo-Agege)


1.0. The Court of Appeal has today reaffirmed the popular victory of the Distinguished Senator Ovie Omo-Agege over Chief Ighoyota Amori in the Delta Central Senatorial election of last year. The Court, in a unanimous decision, struck out Chief Amori’s frivolous motion to return to the Senate through the backdoor. The Court rightly declared that it has no jurisdiction to review its own final judgment which declared Senator Omo-Agege as the Senator duly elected by the Urhobo Nation and indeed Delta Central as a whole.

2.0. We commend the Court’s refusal to tamper with the popular electoral will of our people. We thank the Noble Justices of the Court for standing against rascality in the guise of endless, senseless litigation. The Court’s ruling is a clear repudiation of those seeking to throw Urhobo into anarchy. The ruling is the right medicine against the political brigandage and impunity; failing and stale legal knowledge; poor appreciation of the law; and disrespect for the sound judicial decision which sacked Amori from the Senate and returned Obaisi Omo-Agege as our Distinguished Senator.

3.0. We have always believed that Amori and those nudging him on are on a journey to nowhere. Today’s ruling should, in our conciliatory view, return them to reality which they have strayed too far away from. Having not won the election on the ground, Amori cannot win the same election under any circumstance whatsoever particularly through poor advice and actions designed to precipitate anarchy. We strongly advise Amori to stop wasting his time. There is a time for everything. It is time for Chief Amori to rest.

4.0. It is also pertinent to ask the boasting raiders in the seat of government in Asaba who thought they could compromise the judicial process and trample on the will of our people to now eat the humble pie and bear their shame. They may have thought of themselves as God but God will ever be greater than men. We know who we are. We will never allow mere mortals to play God over us.

5.0. The Distinguished Senator Omo-Agege is totally focused on his mission of delivering quality legislative and developmental results for our people as promised in his robust legislative agenda. Nothing will distract his attention. We ask our people to pray for him. God will not allow afflictions to arise a second time against our people.


Prince Henry Efe Duku

Senior Legislative Aide to Senator Ovie Omo-Agege


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