HELEN BRIGHT ESSIEN: Focused, Articulate, Beautiful…



  • My names are Helen Bright Essien….I was born on 28th September 1993
  • Am from Nsit Ubum Local Govt, Akwa Ibom State
  • I must say is the passion I have for the industry
  • Zara, mechanic pictures, house of tara, creek view, house if divat, these and many more.
  • Am currently working on a script for a movie, yes I write I also, and as an ambassador of house of Divat, we are working on an international tour to explain our brand but I cannot talk much about that now.
  • Well they are in stages for now am a spring to build a rock empire in the industry.
  • Simple and classy, the lesser the better.
  • Lol, am very much single
  • Sandra Mirikwe, Fendi
  • Valentino
  • Balanciaga
  • Gucci
  • Emprio armani
  • Gorgeo armani and many more.
  • My mother
  • They are like a stream they flow with the trend.
  • Failure doesn’t exist it’s an imaginary word.
  • Am into entertainment as a whole, am a vixen. I also make my money from event planning and management
  • I like to own expensive things, I like loyal people, I also like creativity.
  • I dislike failure.


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