MahmudThe National Chairman

Independent National Electoral Commission




Permit us to introduce to you, Okigwe Ekulie, a growth driven grassroots’ organization that is focused on the sustainable progress of Imo North through development democracy, institutional integrity, social well being and moral engagement. We are the nerve and bone of Okigwe Zone.

Following the postponement of the Imo North Senate court-ordered rerun election earlier scheduled for 20th February, 2016 and continued delay in the conduct of the botched election, by the Independent National Electoral Commission, (INEC), we are pained to use this medium to write your commission with a view to voice out our anger and to also draw your attention to the dangers that lie in the continued exclusion of Imo North (Okigwe Zone) in the on-going debates in the red chambers of the National Assembly, as a result of the failure of INEC to conduct the election.

We refrain to play to the gallery by saying that the reasons given by the sponsors of the protest that led to the postponement of the rerun election were imaginary. We also refuse to believe the claim in some quarters that the delay in the conduct of the election is at the behest of some self styled king makers from the zone, for sinister political purposes not unconnected to 2019 Imo Governorship race. It is indeed very painful to imagine that up till now (over six weeks) after the botched rerun, INEC is yet to make a public statement to the great and discerning people of Okigwe Zone (Imo North).

Available statistical evidence and research shows that before the botched re-run elections, the entire length and breadth of Imo North Senatorial District had the serenity for a free, fair and credible rerun election. This is still the true position! This is so because the people of Imo North view elections as contest of ideas for public good. This was what shaped the 2015 general elections in Okigwe Zone (Imo North).

It is very unfortunate that INEC is yet to consider tendering an apology to the peaceful people of Okigwe zone for the obviously false reasons adduced to postpone the elections. The huge opprobrium that followed the postponement is clear testament of the people’s disappointment over this unnecessary delay.

Unfortunately, the continued delay in the conduct of the election by the commission under your watch implies that the voice of the people of Imo North Senatorial District will not be heard in the Senate; the interest of the Zone will not be in the front burner of the Senate discourse, even as the senate and National Assembly take very critical decisions. The implication is ominous! In truth, the commission must not forget that this election is not about contending political parties, or competing individuals; it is about the destiny of a people, it is about the future of a generation; it is about the perfection of the Imo North people’s constitutional rights.

For us and for every discerning citizen of Okigwe zone , the overriding interest of the people of Okigwe Zone should not be sacrificed either on the altar of political expediency or in pursuit of narrow selfish agenda of those who operate in the levers of power. One can in all honesty say that the people of Okigwe Zone are becoming impatient or irritated over the delay by your good office in fixing a date for the much expected election.

And, we cannot ignore this fact because the people of Okigwe zone are in dare need of sustainable development. This cannot be overstressed!

Mr. Chairman, we are religiously aware that as a first class graduate of history you do not exude contempt for facts. Okigwe Ekulie, believe in the ability of INEC under your leadership to conduct free, fair and credible rerun election in Okigwe Zone. We therefore urge the Independent National Electoral Commission to once again exercise their constitutional independence and respond to the groundswell of demand and call by leaders, members of different political parties, youths, clergy and the generality of the people of Okigwe Zone by conducting the rerun so that the doubt and apprehension over the delay will be laid to rest.

While we hope that you will do the needful, and expedite action on the conduct of the rerun election, your commission can in the interim come out clean on why the rerun election is still being delayed so as to allay the fears of the good people of Imo North Senatorial District.

Attached are 10,000 signatories from Okigwe Zone.

Thank You.

Most Respectfully,

For Okigwe Ekulie:

Diala Chibuikem

CC: The President & Commander in Chief

Federal Republic of Nigeria

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