ifeanyi3ifeanyi2We always use the US as the standard in everything when we want to be smart by halves. When New York or California is attacked and Americans are killed, the US President calls off any engagement he has, visits the scene and addresses the nation. Security forces promptly go after the perpetrators and smoke them out.

When Enugu is attacked, the Governor leaves his bereaved and traumatized people to go to Abuja to see the President in his golden palace.

From state to state, as citizens are killed by Fulani Herdsmen, the President – a retired no-nonsense general, Civil War hero, nemesis of Maitatsine, action man, iron man – stays put in Abuja or travels to one country or the other. No visit to his traumatized citizens.

No direct words of comfort or assurance. When some belated words eventually emanate from him, they come via a bland and cold press statement signed by his spokesman, which talk of setting up an investigation team to look into the “clashes between herdsmen and farmers” and find “a lasting solution” to the problem.

Sadly while the herdsmen are visiting terror on the people from North-East to North-Central to South-West to South-South to South-East, many short-sighted people are still blinded by APC vs PDP, Buharists vs Jonathanians: a clear case of Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

Within a week or two, another community will be massacred again and the President will still fold his arms and do nothing. The military, DSS or police that are usually promptly deployed to shoot at unarmed demonstrators will not be deployed. People will hope that it will be the last. One week later, another community is attacked at night again.

Continue keeping quiet and protecting “your party” and “your man” until your villages and families are wiped out and those lucky to survive become refugees.

Culled from Facebook

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