More than 20 local government areas in Delta state have not received salaries running into months and are reportedly starving.

Investigation showed that many of the affected workers haveabsconded from their duty post, complaining that they do not want to collapse in their offices because of hunger.

Chairman of Association of Local Government of Nigeria, ALGON, Delta state chapter, Mr. Malik Ikpokpo, confirmed that councils in the state were being owed salaries because of the downturn in the economy.

Ikpokpo who is the chairman of Isoko South Local Government Area, said; “I can confirm to you that in my council, workers have not been paid in the past 10 months and it is very disturbing to me.”

He further added that, “The Council is practically getting zero allocation every month after obligatory deduction of N130 million for payment of salaries of primary school teachers, two percent allocation for agriculture, royal father’s stipends and other deductions.

You can imagine where there is no money to pay salary of workers, how do we get money to carry out projects? I want to improve the primary healthcare in my area, repair some bad roads and so many things, but where is the money?

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