By Jonathan Onwuka


  1. Construction of Ejiyere str., Dederu str., and Akemu Street, Warri South LGA
  2. Construction of dual carriageway rigid pavement at Okerenkoko (Warri South West LGA
  3. Reconstruction/Expansion/Construction of Kefas Road/Old

Emore Rd/Uzere Junction, Oleh (Isoko South Local Government)

  1. Construction of Alisimie – Oza Nogogo-Ime Obi Road (Ika South Local Government)okoo17
  1. Construction of Owa-Palace Road,Ika North East LGA.
  2. Construction of tankers park 2 and access Rd to Tankers Park.
  3. Rehabilitation, Resurfacing and Construction of Jeddo- Omadino

Road through to Eagle Height University

  1. Rehabilitation & Resealing of Failed Section of Out- Jeremi/Okwagbe Road in Ughelli South LGAokoo10
  1. Rehabilitation of Old Abraka Road (from Traffic Light to powerline), Owa in Ika North East LGA.
  2. Construction of Anglican Diocese Grammar School Road, Uzuobe Street and Township Road, Iyede in Isoko North LGA.
  3. Completion of the construction of Ogwashi-Uku/Ubulu-Unor Road.

12 Construction of Onicha-Ugbo/Ubulu-Uku Road with a spur to knowledge centre Onicha-Ugbo.okoo19

  1. Reconstruction/Maintenance of Ughelli-Agbara Road, maintenance of Ughelli Agbara Road, Ughelli Ekredjebor Road and Agbarha Orogun Road all in Ughelli North Local Government Area.
  2. Extension of Palace/Ikokogbe Roads, Owa Oyibu, Ika North East LGA.
  3. Construction of Access Road to Ani-Ikeku, (Pace Road) Igbodo, Ika North East LGA.
  4. Rehabilitation of Failed Section of link Road from Oghara to Koko/Ugbenu Highway in Ethiope West Local Government Area.okoo1
  5. Construction of Ugbomro Road: Section 1 (Between DSC Expressway and the Federal University of Petroleum Resources Junction).
  6. Dualisation of Access Road to Jesse Town.
  7. Rehabilitation/Widening of Access Road to Beneku Community in Ndokwa East LGA.
  8. Construction of Monu Olarewju Crescent, Off Marian Nneamaka Ali Drive, Asaba in Oshimili South LGA.
  9. Construction/Rehabilitation of Kwale Township Roads in Ndokwa East Local Government Area.
  10. Dualization of Nnebisi Rd., (from traffic light junction to Cable Point), Asaba (Oshimili South Local Government)okoo18
  1. Amukpe/Okirighwre/ATP Roundabout Rd., Dualization

(Sapele Local Government)

  1. Construction of Onyeacholem Street in Ika North East LGA
  2. Massive construction works going on at the Ughelli-Asaba Road (Sector A)
  1. Construction of Ejiyere Street, Warri South LGA
  2. Construction of Dederu Street, Warri South LGA
  3. Construction of Akemu Street, warri South LGAokoo4
  4. Rehabilitation, Resurfacing and Construction of Jeddo-Omadino Road through to Eagle Height University.
  5. Construction of Ogala Chukwuemeke Street with a spur to Orolua close, Word of faith Street and Kingsley Street, Owa, Ika North East LGAokoo14
  1. Construction work on the Okuovu/Kpokpogri/Ppuraja/Iran Road, Okpe Local Government Area.
  2. Construction works going on at the Lagos-Asaba Road
  3. Amukpe/Okirighwre/ATP Roundabout Rd, Dualization (Sapele Local Government).
  4. Construction of Orikeze Street with a spur to Orikeze close, Agbor, Ika South LGA
  5. Construction of Dr. White/Upper Imudia Street, Agbor, Ika South LGA.
  6. Construction of Internal Road FMC, Oshimili South LGA.
  1. Construction of Ikokogbe/Idumuzomor Rd, Owa-Oyibu in Ika North East LGAokoo6 
  1. Construction of Usonia Street, Asaba, Oshimili South LGA
  2. Construction of Okolotu Street, Oshimili South LGA
  3. Construction of Access Road, to Christ Embassy, Oshimili South LGA
  4. Construction of Dr Steve Oru street,Dr Steve Oru close,Okpodjiko street extension and Orisejobor street,Ughelli North LGA.
  5. Construction of Esenwan Street, off DLA Road, Oshimili South LGAokoo9
  6. Construction of Edwin/Ikechukwu Street, Owanta-Aliosimi, Ika North East LGA
  7. Construction of Onomigbo Street, Orerokpe
  8. Construction of warri-Ode-Itsekiri, Bridges and Access Rd, Phase 1: Section 1 Ubeji to Ode-Itsekiri roundabout with spurs to Ijala Ugbodede,Orugbo and Ajigba-Inorin-Usele communities and section 2 (iii) Ode-Itsekiri internal Rd.okoo14
  1. Rehabilitation works on Asaba international airport runway and taxiways.
  2. Cable point Dualisation project at Asaba, Oshimili South LGA
  3. Construction of main Axial Rd, at Okerenkoko in Warri South West LGA
  4. Construction of Okolotu Street, Asaba Oshimili South LGA
  5. Rehabilitation/ Resealing of Okpara-Uruolo-Ovwodokpokpor-Kiagbodo Rd in Ugheli South LGAokoo17

51- Reconstruction of Old Oleh/Emede-Olomoro Junction Isoko South

52- Dualization of Owa-Ekei-Owa Alero Rd(from Old Lagos Asaba

Rd to Owa Alero Roundabout in Ika North East.

53- Construction of hospital Rd with Solar Street light,Abavo, Ika South LGA.okoo8

54 – Rehabilitation of Okpodjiko Access Road,Ughelli,Ughelli North LGA.

55- Completion of the roads at the Law and Engineering

Faculty Complexes at the Oleh Campus of Delta State University.

56- Construction of Idumu-Ugboh street with spur to Alice Ohumagholem Close, Agbor,Ika south LGAokoo13

57- Reconstruction of Oteri Arterial Road,Oteri in Ughelli North LGA.

58- Reconstruction/Dualisation of Ekiugbo/Patani Road Junction,Market Road to Iyede/patani Road Junction,Ughelli,Ughelli North LGA.

59- Construction of Ejiyere/Orodje Streets, Orerokpe, Okpe Local Government Area


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