osanebi2It is exactly one year today, June 8, 2016, that the  Rt. Hon. Friday Ossai Osanebi was sworn in as Deputy Speaker,  Delta State House of  Assembly, after he was re-elected by the people of Ndokwa East, to represent them in the State House of Assembly  for the second time, as his one good term deserved another.

Before now, the generality of Ndokwa East had wanted a consolidation of the good and people oriented representation of the Rt. Hon. Friday Osanebi, a first timer, that stunned everybody with his new order of representation- a paradigm shift from the rather oligarchic and plutocratic form of government, that was the case of the Ndokwa East people, to a system of leadership that epitomized democracy via a youthful, humble, God fearing personality and egalitarian who feels the pulse of the people.

He came out with a campaign slogan: “If I win you win”; and immediately, the project was greeted with passion and enthusiasm leading to his being voted for massively, the second time.

Like, the dictum, “He’s tested and trusted”, the massive vote for PDP from Ndokwa East in the last general election, was triggered by the obvious testimonial of Rt. Hon. Friday Osanebi, whose first time leadership was characterized with human capital empowerment, palpable dividends of democracy, social empowerment, women empowerment, youth empowerment, scholarships and vibrant representation in the State House of Assembly.

Before April 11, 2015, the Friday Osanebi Campaign team, with its principal went round all the communities in Ndokwa East, with the campaign manifesto of hope, advancement and prosperity. He made promises, irrespective of the economic challenges ravaging the country, but he hasn’t held this as a yardstick not to fulfill his promises to his people. Just a year into his second return to the house of assembly, he has fulfilled almost all his campaign promises and he has not relented in raising the bar, each passing day.

Osanebi has become a phenomenon that must be reckoned with, as his rescue and empowerment mission remains a fortified force within the polity.

From ‘If I win you win’; it’s now, “If I enjoy, you enjoy”, in Ndokwa East. Within a year, Rt. Hon. Friday Osanebi, has reasonably changed the game and has raised the standard that will be difficult for any house member or politician within and around Ndokwa nation to beat.

He started with harmonizing the leadership of Ndokwa nation, synchronizing all divides and views in the trado-political leadership of Ndokwa East and Ndokwa nation in general. Because of his passion for youth empowerment and positive engagement, Osanebi has instituted a youth empowerment cum involvement strategy, which gives every youth a sense of belonging. Osanebi has been able to harmonize Ndokwa youths, irrespective of their divergent opinions and views about life and government.

Within a year, the “Empowerment Master” as he is now fondly called, has facilitated the appointment of young men and women into positions of influence and affluence, within and outside the political terrain of Delta State.

Because of his passion for human capital development, he has institutionalized a process of ensuring academic excellence in order to raise Giants in various strata of human life, through his foundation, The Friday Osanebi Foundation (FOF), which gave out over N10 million to students of Anioma origin just recently in Asaba. Among other things, the intent and purpose of this noble gesture was to empower the students economically in order to pay their fees, get books and be comfortable while studying. Besides, the Youngest Deputy Speaker in Nigeria has said, that he is using this platform to ensure academic excellence of his people, because renewal and continual enlistment in the scholarship scheme was predicated on the student’s return of yearly academic report of not less than an upper credit.

In a bid to consolidate on the educational well-being of Ndokwa East, Osanebi in addition to the schools he built in the ten wards of Ndokwa East in his first missionary journey to Delta State House of Assembly; within a year – from June 8, 2015 to June 8, 2016, Osanebi has completed another set of six class room blocks in six wards of Ndokwa East.

Different Contracting firms are already in some of our roads, and just last week, the Delta State Executive Council approved the reconstruction and widening of the Beneku road in Ndokwa East.

Because of his passion and desire for the holistic empowerment of his people, within one year, Osanebi has doled out over N5 million to market women in his locality to boost small and medium scale enterprises. For the records, within 12 months in office, Rt. Hon. Friday Osanebi has delivered an eleven point report card, and in all of these, the people remain the central focus. The impressive scorecard reads as follows:

1. N5 million Empowerment for market women, to boost small and medium scale enterprises.

2. Construction of 6 classroom blocks in Ibrede primary school, Ibrede.

3.  Construction of 6 classroom blocks in Iselegu Primary School, Iselegu.

4. Direct employment of over 50 youths in the oil sector

5. Employment of over 20 men and women into the public service (political appointment and other related engagements)

6. Construction of 6 classroom blocks in Umueze Primary School, Ossissa.

7. Construction of 6 classroom blocks in Niger Primary School, Asaba-Ase.

8. Trained and Empowered 25 youth in conjunction with AGIP, through skill acquisition with starter packs.

9. Construction of 6 classroom blocks in Mixed Secondary School, Okpai-Oluchi.

10. Construction of 6 classroom blocks in Aboh Grammar School, Aboh.

11. Ten Million Naira, Scholarship Award to Anioma Students, through his foundation, The Friday Osanebi Foundation ( FOF ).

Osanebi has demonstrated capacity within a year and has raised the standard for his serving and yet to be colleagues in the State House of Assembly.

In all of these, what does he have to say? “We thank God who has taken us thus far”. Very simple and straight to the point you would say, but Osanebi attributes all he has recorded and all he has got, to God.



For Chief Godswill Obielum, leader of the Ndokwa East political family, Rt. Hon. Friday Osanebi has done wonderfully well, in just one year.

Chief Obielum, who made this assertion while fielding questions from news men, said: “Osanebi has been able to reach out to every segment of his constituency and has effectively reached out to leaders, elders, traditional rulers, youths and women”, adding that the Deputy Speaker has proven that he can do more and better in any form of engagement.

“Let me speak on Ndokwa East first. He has done so much in the area of constituency projects and I know he often goes out to inspect them to see that all is effectively done. That is an excellent score. His educational scholarship programmme that cuts across Delta North and beyond is a very big score. He has done very, very, well,” Obielum said.



Commissioner representing Ndokwa Ethnic Nationality on the Board of the Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (DESOPADEC), Comr. Nnamdi Ezechi, in his own reaction said Osanebi has surprised all with his giant strides in the last twelve months. He noted that with the Deputy Speaker’s delivery on infrastructure and empowerment, he has done beyond the people’s expectation, judging by the prevailing economic crisis ravaging the nation. He called on public office holders to emulate the leadership and empowerment philosophy of Rt. Hon. Friday Osanebi so that prosperity can speedily reach the people.

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