ekwuoma1Over Four hundred persons escaped death by whiskers in Ekwuoma quarters, Abavo in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State when the gusty wind of a heavy downpour pulled down one hundred and fifty high tension electricity poles.

Correspondent Ejime Udueme who visited the town reports that occupants of the buildings have relocated because of the fear that when the Benin Electricity Distribution Company, BEDC restores power, the high tension wires lying naked on their buildings and surroundings may electrocute them.

The ugly incident which occurred on Wednesday last week also led to collapse of some buildings while others were submerged by the resultant flood caused by the heavy rain that fell for over eight hours in Abavo town.

ekwuomaAs a result of the disaster, the Azuowa Udomi road that connects Ekwueze, Okpe and Oyoko in Abavo has become a death trap as the high tension wire criss-crossed the road as no driver or passersby would want to pass on top of a naked high tension wire on the ground.

The people sacked by the rain and the naked wire from their homes are currently taking refuge in their relatives or friends houses outside the town.

In an interview some indigenes of the town including Mr. Friday Osagede, Mr. Patrick Nwaoga and Mr. Andrew Acha said it would have been a colossal loss of lives if the public source of power was on when the poles fell.

They said they have visited the Abavo divisional office of the BEDC to lodge their complaints but nothing was done to salvage the situation by the company.

The people said the community has been able to procure sixty concrete poles as a palliative measure and urged the BEDC to rise to the occasion to fix the poles and restore power to the town.

Respondents called on the state Government through the State Emergency Management Agency SEMA and other relevant agencies to help in rebuilding collapsed structures and provide relief materials for as compensation for valuables lost to the rainstorm.

They gave an estimate of what they lost to the rainstorm to the tune of Sixty-five million naira.

 Reported by Ejime Udueme

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