APC1APC is not ready for the supplementary elections scheduled for July 30 2016.

APC wants the date of the election further shifted and would prefer that rather than have PDP win the elections, Rivers State and some constituencies should be without proper representation at the National Assembly and the State House of Assembly, respectively.

APC plans to use women again, to protest against both the July 30 elections and for the removal of Evang. Aniedi Ikoiwak, the Resident Electoral Commissioner it imposed on Rivers State prior to the last rerun elections, who, it is being said, failed to deliver on his alleged scripted assignment.

If you know any of our sisters, daughters and friends, who are members of the APC and plan to embark on such a protest, advice them on the futility of such an effort and the danger it portents for our democracy.

Protest is the right of all citizens in a democracy. Protests and counter protests are permissible. However, the wellbeing of those who plan to embark on an anti-democracy protest, since what they are generally perceived as targeting, is to undermine the proper governance of a State and her democratic culture, should be of priority to them, against the backdrop of a growing dissatisfaction across Nigeria of the abysmal performance of the APC led Federal Government in all sectors of our national life, especially in relation to its strategic efforts in undermining the rule of law, electoral and constitutional processes, and by effect undermining democracy in Nigeria.

Anti democratic elements in Nigeria must be reminded that the entire world, since the Arab Spring, has been inspired by people-power as should obtain in a democracy. The latest popular interventions and resistance in Turkey should not, therefore, be seen as an isolated and distant incident. Nigerians would not fold their hands and allow anyone truncate democracy by undermining electoral and constitutional processes, the rule of law and foisting unwanted representatives on them.

The sanctity of the ballot must be respected and upheld. Rivers people do not deserve to be without representation in a democracy, especially while their resources are being freely mined by the system. We are not slaves in Nigeria. The rights of Rivers people to choose who represents them is inalienable, must be protected by Nigeria and not undermined by any executive fiat. This is supposed to be a democracy not a dictatorship. A stitch in time, saves nine.


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