PDP-LogoThe leadership of the Delta State Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has informed the members of the factional and fractured opposition All Progressives Congress, APC Party in the state, that the PDP is now stronger, more united and properly focused to deliver more dividends of democracy and fulfill its prosperity for all Deltans mandate, since the successful conclusion of its congresses at all levels across the state and the final affirmation by the Supreme Court of Nigeria of Governor Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa (Ekwueme), as the duly elected Governor of Delta state, even as it has advised the APC to concentrate on putting its house in order first instead of allowing those the PDP referred to as ‘Kindergarten politicians’ to continue to make abrasive and spurious comments over issues they have no knowledge or control over.

This affirmation and well meaning advise was offered by the Delta State PDP Publicity Secretary, Mr. Ifeanyi Osuoza, while reacting to comments credited to a certain All Progressives Congress, APC Chieftain, Jaro Egbo, who claimed that the PDP would be a carcass of its old self by the time the APC concluded its registration exercise in Delta state and that the PDP government in the state had not prioritized its projects and was shielding contractors and looters, who had abandoned projects and also made away with state funds in the past.

Osuoza, who scoffed at the very idea that an immature politician like Jaro Egbo and his ilk, even possessed the caliber and stature to join issues with the PDP in Delta state, chided the All Progressives Congress, APC for failing to address the leadership confusion which has fractured its membership and damaged its credibility beyond repair, and instead allowing some of its members, with zero political maturity and dubious electoral credentials, to comment on weighty state matters, which has exposed their ignorance and attracted further opprobrium to an already discredited APC with its CHANGE agenda, nationally.

Describing the use of the word ‘carcass’ as a clear testimony of the vocabulary associated with a primitive and rustic pretender, claiming some level of artificial intelligence, the Delta PDP publicity Secretary recalled that Jaro Egbo had in the past, displayed a disturbing obsession and wasteful energy in his morbid wishes for the PDP, following a catalogue of very painful and destabilizing political misfortunes and electoral losses, in his failed attempts to challenge the ruling party in order to attain some form of political relevance.

The monumental failures of the likes of Jaro Egbo, including the very pathetic manner with which he conveyed a letter to President Buhari, begging and shamelessly lobbying to make his Boss the head of either NIMASA or NDDC, did not only embarrass Delta State in the eyes of the national and global community, but portrayed the greedy and ethnic oriented nature of the All Progressives Congress, APC in the state, all of which, according to Osuoza, had further diminished his pedestrian political stature and damaged the credibility and reputation of Delta APC and its leadership in national reckoning.

Challenging Jaro Egbo to be bold and name the so-called contractors and looters he referred to in his comments, the Delta PDP spokesperson dismissed the allegations that the state government lacked vision and was not prioritizing its projects, with a wave of the hand, stating categorically that the brilliantly conceived SMART agenda of the Okowa administration, has under one year, created over 17, 000 direct and indirect jobs, through the YAGEP, STEP, PPSP, Micro-credit for small and medium enterprises, as well as other hands-on empowerment and capacity building initiatives, implemented through the jobs creation office, the Micro, small and medium enterprises agency and the Ministry of Agriculture amongst others.

“Without trying to join issues with the politically Kindergarten Jaro Egbo and his fellow co-travelers in the APC, I want to state categorically that the impressive strides of the Okowa administration in the past one year, especially in the areas of roads rehabilitation and construction, schools rehabilitation and upgrading, at all levels, equipping hospitals and other health care facilities, as well as providing adequate, ensuring that on-going infrastructural projects meet the best quality standards and initiating enabling legislation to address other key areas of sectoral development in the state, has been unparalleled in the history of any administration in its first year, since the creation of Delta state,” Osuoza stated emphatically.

Making specific reference to other allegations leveled against the PDP in the state, Mr. Osuoza reminded the APC that government was a continuum and the need to maintain, consolidate and improve on already existing structures was the hall mark of a responsible administration, instead of the proverbial ‘bull-in-the-China shop” approach of the APC government, which has embarked on a selective and dangerous war of attrition with every sector in the society, that has not only succeeded in destroying the gains of past administrations, but has sadly reduced Nigerians to a frightening level of hunger, poverty, suffering and impoverishment never before witnessed in the history of the country, except in the time of civil war.

Highlighting the fact that Governor Ifeanyi Okowa was one of only very few governors in Nigeria, who has miraculously continued to pay workers salaries regularly and thus ameliorating the sufferings of Deltans, despite the disastrous policies of the APC government, which has so far denied funds to critical institutions and establishments and even crippled the nation’s source of wealth, the Delta PDP mouthpiece reminded the APC in Delta state that very serious national issues cannot be addressed by the simplistic suggestions and verbal grand-standing, which the likes of Jaro Egbo proffer and if this was the stand of the APC on national issues, then it was sad and unfortunate that a political party, which seeks to challenge for governance, does not even understand the fundamentals of the relationship between a state and Federal government in addressing and responding to national issues.

Furthermore, the Delta State PDP Publicity Secretary viewed with disgust, the response credited to another APC apologist, Mr. Chiedu Paul Onwuadiamu, defending the criticism of Governor Okowa’s performance in the last one year by an APC Chieftain, Engr. Hyacinth Enuha, saying, “Ignorance condemns what it does not understand, but it cannot successfully destroy what it is no articulate about. The response of Onwuadiamu has clearly revealed that he is so deficient in logical thinking that it was impossible for one to make anything out of his spurious arguments and warped conclusions therefrom. The APC should at least try and educate themselves on issues before exposing their ignorance in the public space for the whole world to see,” he advised.          

In conclusion, Mr. Ifeanyi Osuoza laughed at the grand illusion and new found optimism and euphoria with which the Delta APC was celebrating the recent entrant of some so called high profile politicians into its fold, adding that the presence of a few political paper-weights joining the APC, is of no consequence to the growing fortunes of the PDP, especially with the excellent performance of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, which is set to deliver even more dividends of democracy to the people and fulfill its mandate of prosperity to all Deltans, in the years ahead, with the PDP as the ruling party in Delta state.

“I want to advise the APC and indeed its new defectors in Delta State, to stop creating a smoke -screen, with its wild allegations against the PDP, and concentrate on addressing the acrimonious division between the two factions of their party, the Chief Adolo Okotie-Eboh and that of Prophet Jones Erue, factions, who have been locked in a legal tussle, in the Court of Appeal, Benin City, Edo State and the Federal High Court in Warri, Delta State, after we defeated them comprehensively from the tribunal, Court of Appeal all the way to the Supreme Court, to secure the victory of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa as the Executive Governor of Delta State.

“Let me further educate them that the PDP has become even more formidable in Delta state since the emergence of the progressive new leadership of the party, led by the dynamic Olorogun (Barr.) Kingsley Esiso and they should go and face their own internal problems, because we refuse to be distracted and we are very poised to concentrate on delivering qualitative and progressive governance to Deltans through our able and miracle working Governor, Senator (Dr.) Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, with the PDP as the ruling party in Delta state”, Osuoza assured the APC emphatically.

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