ugbaja1Last Tuesday, we were jolted by the news that some staff of Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) came to the step down Transformer along Issele Mkpitime Road with a view to vandalizing the equipment.

One begins to wonder what or who gave them the effrontery to engage in such unholy act. The equipment in question predated the coming of NEPA. The equipment were acquired and installed during the era of Rural Electricity Board (REB) so who told BEDC that the equipment in question belong to them?. As far as I know even when NEPA was in vogue the company never attempted to touch the equipment which is situated directly opposite the NEPA Step down. So who is short changing Issele Oligbo? Allegation has it that they wanted to transfer and install the equipment in a nearby town where they are currently working to restore light. From what has been gathered so far, the Chief security Officer of the Local Government, Hon. Chuks Oseme may have to explain certain things. That is being investigated. AS soon as more information is gathered you will be informed. (Though it has been gathered that some persons were being threatened with juju for speaking their mind over the matter). Let me concentrate on what the sons of Issele Uku did.


Mr Ndudi Chiejine a retired Police Officer from Ogbeofu was appointed due to his “wealth” of experience as a crime buster. So what happened when he got to know about the nefarious activities of the vandals? Instead of putting the town first, information gathered was that he was more concerned about release the alleged vandals from the Police custody. In fact the quick release of the Vandals may not be blamed on the Police because investigations revealed that Mr Chiejine who is also the Vice Chairman I.D.U. Home branch ordered their release. Who is Mr Chiejine working for? Issele Uku? Himself? Or some yet to be identified individual or group? These questions must be answered.


This young man from Ishiekpe for all I know has the zeal to work for the growth and development of Issele Uku. He is a member of almost every Committee but not a member of the Vigilante group. So, how did he manage to get the key to the Vigilante Van and used it to “drop off” the alleged Vandals at the Express from where the traveled back to wherever they came from? This was after they were released from the Police custody. The Police knew the implication and that is why they smartly evaded the question of taking these men out of Issele Uku with the usual excuse “No Fuel in our Vehicle”. I have to commend the Police otherwise we would be accusing them of releasing the alleged Vandals.


This dynamic young man is the President of Issele Uku Progressive Youth Association- Home branch. Under his watch, the alleged Vandals were nabbed then handed over to the Police. Since then the Youths have been vigilant, making sure that further incursion was not made by any intruder. Commendation must go to the Issele Uku Youths who came out in their numbers to secure their God given town from the enemies of progress.


The National President, Issele Uku Development Union Barr. Ashibuogwu, as soon he got the information swung into action. He had been busy coordinating as well as sieving and classifying information with a view to bringing any one culpable to justice. While commending the Youths, he made it clear that nobody is allowed to take the law into his hand. He urged the Youths to remain calm since I.D.U., Izuani, Youths and indeed Regent in Council will work together to unravel and put a stop to the vandalism of installations at Issele Uku.

In all the Regent of Issele Uku Diokpa Dominic Egbune an erudite scholar brought his ingenuity to bear. He made sure that all those with sinister motives were not allowed to make inroads. A man of peace blessed with integrity and adorned with the acumen of a great Leader. He rose up to the occasion. I say thank you all for whatever you have done or undone in this affair. Those that did well know themselves also those that are bent on sabotaging the growth and development of the land know themselves. Posterity will judge us all by and by.

We shall keep you updated as events unfold.

Ugbaja Sam, is the Public Relations Officer, (PRO) Issele-Uku Development Union, National (IDU. National).


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