OPONEWarri: The people of Ndokwa ethnic nation have called on both the federal government of Nigeria and the Delta state government to develop the area, in order to avoid the rise of agitation and restiveness from the people especially the youths.

This reaction was expressed by the trio of the President-General of the Ndokwa Neku Union (NNU), Chief Johnson Opone, Dr Mrs. Esther Uduehi, a member of the state advisory committee on peace and security and Rt. Hon. Olisa Imeagu, during the one-day stakeholders’ consultative meeting of Niger Delta Coastal States, held in Effurun, Warri on Friday, 18 August, 2016, at the Petroleum Training Institute, PTI.

They told the meeting that the government had not bothered to look at developing the area, despite the huge resources of crude oil and Gas of 100 barrels per day out of the 1.5 million barrels production daily, sourced from the area by the country, in addition to the fact that the area has the highest gas deposit in the country.

The leaders used the occasion to draw the attention of government to the acts of injustice to the people of Ndokwa, especially given the dire situation where the Okpai power plant is servicing nine states including the federal capital territory, with light from the power plant, while Ndokwa nation remained in darkness.

They called for the installation of a step down power plant in Ndokwa nation and the establishment of an institution of higher learning in the area.

On the issue of the youth disturbance, they told the gathering not to take the silence of the Ndokwa people, especially the youths as an act of coward from the area.

“The youths of Ndokwa can also be vicious and brave, if they are pushed to the wall and their peaceful disposition should not be taken or mistaken for cowardliness,” the distinguished Ndokwa leaders warned.

They also called on the government, both federal and the state levels to treat the problem of the Niger Delta holistically and not just as an Ijaw affair, even as they stressed that the crises in the region affected all the Oil producing host communities and whatever measures to address the issues of the region must carry every ethnic nationality along for peace and fairness to reign.

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