David Diai

obisseleukuCrown Prince of Oligbo Kingdom, Issele-uku, Engr. Nduka Ezeagwuna, , who recently married his beautiful wife and incoming Queen Mother, former Miss Chukwudumebi Rosemary Ejiogwu, paid a surprise and refreshing courtesy visit to the Obi of Onicha-Ugbo, Agbogidi Victor Chukwumalieze1, in his Palace at Ogbe-Obi, Onicha-Ugbo, on Tuesday, August 30, 2016.

obiisseleukuCrown Prince Ezeagwuna, accompanied by his beautiful wife, Chukwudumebi Rosemary, arrived the Palace at noon and was ushered in by the traditional welcome sound from the royal tusk reserved only for royalty, after which his host, a beaming Obi Chukwumalieze1, appeared from the inner recesses of the Palace compound and welcomed the newly weded Issele-uku royal couple to the Palace, with a some Palace Chiefs in attendance.

obiisseleuku1The brief courtesy visit, which was conducted with plenty of laughter and even a good natured comparisms with his late father, in his tastes, from the older Obi Onicha-Ugbo and the gentle, demure shy smiles from the younger, very beautiful Issele-uku royal couple, lasted for about 10minutes and went off smoothly, after which the royal couple posed with the Obi of Onicha-Ugbo, in a glorious photograph to commemorate the historic visit.

obiselleuku“He came to express his gratitude to me for my presence at his royal marriage. I had to brave the very inclement weather and also shortened my presence at a major event to mark the Delta @ 25 Anniversary celebrations, to ensure that I was at his marriage throughout the ceremony.

obiiselleuku“He appreciated my presence greatly and had called to inform me that he was on his way, so I had to receive him, in spite of the fact that we had reached an advanced stage in our preparations for our Ine festival. It is always a great pleasure to welcome a brother Obi into our Palace and kingdom and like I said in my prayer when breaking the Kola nut, I pray that we will also have the grace to attend the Coronation proper when the time comes fr the royal ceremony”, Obi Chukwumalieze said, with a satisfied smile.


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