valeenObiaruku: The people of Ndokwa had been called to take advantage of the annual beauty pageant organised in the area to promote the cultural values of Ndokwa nation. The call was made recently by the Initiator and Organiser of the annual Cultural Beauty Pageant, Nwa Ada Ndokwa, Miss Valeen Anwuli Oseh in an exclusive interview with, to review the preparedness for the 2016 edition, coming up in December.

Valeen, who is known as Queen Valeen Oseh, in the interview said that the forthcoming edition, which will be the 5th in the series, will feature new programmes, like the male version of the Ndokwa cultural display, where the boys will showcase the knowledge of the culture of the area.

Speaking further, she called on the people of Ndokwa to come and watch the event especially that of this year, saying the 2016 edition will be a well packaged event with high class personalities in attendance, contestants, and packaging starting with a press briefing in mid-October, 2016 to inform the world of the event.

On the introduction of the male contestants, she said the cultural beauty pageant is the best place to promote the complete culture of the people.

The initiator, who will be rounding up her National Youth Service Corps Programme this October, said there is an ongoing discussion to turn the show into a Reality Show, thus making the event a worldwide one.

nwada1“This year’s event will be better and richer for the people to appreciate”.

Miss Valeen, said that the people of Ndokwa cannot afford to look the other way when issues of Ndokwa is been organised. They have to be there to encourage organizers, even if they cannot contribute materials or money, they should always be present at the events.

“They should come and watch their people. They cannot be indifferent. They have to attend the shows, to see their people display their knowledge of the cultural values of the Ndokwa people”, she said.

The annual event, which had been held at the headquarters of Ukwuani Local Government Area, for the past four years, will be held in Kwale, Ndokwa West Local Government Area. According her, with this move the event will have the complete national acceptance that is required.

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