Ndokwa Nation Tasked on Voters Card

ochorvoteThe people of Ndokwa West LGA have been charged to make it a point of necessity to obtain their voters card, as it will ensure that they exercise their universal civic right during elections.

The call was made by Hon Ochor Chris Ochor, the Executive Director, Social Services Development, on the Board of the Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission, (DESOPADEC), when he addressed the people of Ndokwa West in Kwale, Ndokwa West LGA, Delta state, on Friday, October, 14 2016.

While thanking the people of the LGA for showing signs of active politics, he called on them to make their voices heard and meaningful, by striving to transform their contributions into votes, through the voters card, to decide how leaders of the area are to be selected.

“The only thing is that when you are on ground and you don’t have voting card, you will become voiceless, so therefore, you have to get your voting cards, so that you can talk,” he said.

Continuing, he called on them to avoid anti party activities where they sing the slogans of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in the day and at night work for the oppositions, saying that to be relevant in the area, they must have their PDP membership cards, which will justify them to be relevant as members of the party.



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