NMALAGUObiaruku: The various militant groups operating in the Niger Delta region in the guise of fighting for the emancipation of the Niger Delta people have been urged to reconsider their actions, which are impacting negatively on the people and economy of the states in the region and the Nigerian nation in general.

The call was made by the Executive Assistant to the governor of Delta State on Religious Matters, Bishop Greatman Nmalagu, in a statement made available to the press on Sunday, 13 November, 2016 in Obiaruku, Ukwuani Local Government Area.

The statement titled, “Niger Delta Militants, Stop Your battle, if Your Mission is for the Good of Niger Delta, where you Hail From”, noted that the continued activities of the militant bodies had brought hardship to the people of the region through the vandalization and destruction of oil installations and facilities.

According to the Aide, the militants had severally advocated that their mission is for the good of the Niger Delta and Nigeria as a nation, but their activities had brought pains to the people they claim to be representing.

“Your families, brothers, sisters and friends are now badly affected due to your activities, within the Niger Delta and beyond”, he said.

According to the statement, “The unending activities of the militants, though aimed at seeking for the restructuring of the country so that the area where the wealth of the nation is coming from is well developed, is causing anguish of youths, women and men as they are in tears”.

Bishop Nmalagu further reminded the people that it is, “only through the mercy of God that we do all as men, either Christians or non-Christians, are able to do so many things and as a result everybody on earth is accountable to God for good or bad things done”

The Cleric then called on the agitators to know that, no matter the good purposes of any groups or individuals, the moment the action of such groups or individual starts to affect the people economically, or otherwise, it is proper to consider the people affected and make a change.

“No matter the good purpose of any group, or any individual, the moment the actions of such groups or individuals starts to affect the people negatively in their various economic activities, spirituality and so forth, it is very proper to then, consider the people affected and make a change”, he said.

He posited that it is time for all Niger Delta sons and daughters fighting for the good of the citizens in any name, to withdraw from every form of battle and come up with peaceful steps that will show that they are fighting for the good of the common man in the area and the nation at large.

Bishop Nmalagu reminded the various groups and individuals that the fight will not be justified if the sufferings now experienced leads to death of the people and total destruction of the region, as being experienced through starvation, and they will not be there to enjoy the final benefit of the agitation.

The aide to the governor concluded by calling on the agitators to “kindly stop the battle for the sake of the people to enable the various leaders and the government to develop the area”.

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