eddy2As Nigerians face the challenges of the economic recession, the Permanent Secretary, Directorate of Government House and Protocol, Mr. Eddy Ogidi-Gbegbaje has urged Nigerians to be patient and be creative so as to succeed.

eddy1Mr. Ogidi-Gbegbaje who gave this admonition on 06-01-17, during the 2017 Annual Departmental Meeting of the Directorate in Asaba, said that Nigerians especially public servants should  be diligent  and alive to their responsibilities in both their public and private lives so as to succeed.

eddyAccording to him “the previous year [2016] was quite challenging due to the recession but it is my belief that this new year things will be better, we must be positive in our outlook in life, , confident that things will change for the better  and above all believe that with God all things are possible.

eddy6“We need to learn from our mistakes of the past, retrace our steps and do what is required of us in our public and private lives in order to succeed. We need to be alive to our responsibilities in both our private lives and offices and endeavour to do all that is required of us to move forward”, he stated, adding “this difficult times has been challenging  and has made us to devise other positive ways to augment our resources in order to survive”

eddy9Giving the Directorate’s scorecard for 2016, the Permanent Secretary scored the Directorate high in service delivery and charged workers to handle their duties with professionalism as well as upholding the ethics of their offices in the new-year stressing that teamwork was the best way of achieving set goals.

eddy5“As a worker you should realize that you play an integral role in the success of your department, offices so this year, have a positive attitude towards your duties and uphold the ethics of your office” he said.

eddy3Mr. Emmanuel Eboatu, Manager of Assets and Resources Management Company Limited (ARM) while delivering a lecture titled ”Financial Planning (Roadmaps to A Secured Future) emphasized the importance of planning one’s financial future through savings and making profitable investments.



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