$10M BAIL-OUT FUNDS DIVERSION: I Don’t Believe in Mistresses, I Am A Christian – Okowa

okoquartGovernor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta state has come out clearly and categorically to deny any involvement with the recent story involving a governor of one of the Oil Producing States, his mistress and the diversion of $10million bail-out funds given to states by the Federal Government as part of funds recovered from the Paris Club.

The $10million bail-out fund diversion allegation, which was supposedly uncovered by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC was reported widely in the last week of January, 2017, by national Newspapers and online platforms, in which suggestions were made that a certain governor of one of the Oil Producing States had siphoned $10million of his state’s bail-out fund, through a mistress resident in the United States.

Though the EFCC did not mention any governor or mistresses names in the report, an online portal claiming to be investigating the matter had dramatically identified Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta state, as the governor allegedly involved with a Mistress also identified as erstwhile Nollywood actress, Gerogina Onuoha (Igwegbe) in the scam.

But Okowa, speaking during the inaugural quarterly media briefing with journalists held in government house in Asaba on Tuesday, February 7, 2017, told journalists that he was a responsible family man, who had already given his life to Christ some time ago and was now a Christian.

According to him, “I want to believe that you yourself (referring to the newsman who asked the question), you don’t believe that story. Our party, the PDP has made a response and I don’t want to talk much on that.

“People who know me as Okowa know my pattern of life. I gave my life to Christ several years ago. I know where I come from and what I stand for. I wouldn’t want to join issues with people on this. If Jesus could be accused, who am I?, he asked rhetorically.

The Delta Governor also added that, “I’m here to be accountable to people. It is very clear that the issue of governance is very clear. In the first instance, monies are not released in dollars to state governments. I have given account severally on how we spend our money that come as bail-out funds. If you go to the ministry of finance or the Accountant-General’s office, I believe you will be able to get details of the monies that were released”.

Speaking further Okowa said that he does not have anything to do with mistress, “I don’t believe in mistress. That is not for me. I am a responsible family man. I also know that as I am sitting on this seat, all manner of accusations will come. So, there is no need to flog it beyond that”.

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