A frontline political figure in Delta state, Mr. Charles Emetulu has expressed his gratitude to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa over his recent appointment as
Executive Assistant to the Governor on
Community Relations and Peace Building, even as he has pledged to justify the confidence reposed in him by the Governor for the recognition and call to serve Delta state again.

In a well crafted and poignant homily on his Facebook timeline, Emetulu, a multiple Commissioner in the previous administration in Delta state, equally thanked God, as well as all those who have supported and encouraged him over the years, and while describing Governor Ifeanyi Okowa as a very calm, contemplative and committed visionary who desire is to fashion and implementing policies that will take Delta state to the next level, assured Deltans that he would bring his wealth of experience from past appointments to bear on this new responsibility and ensure the successful achievement of prosperity for all Deltans through the SMART Agenda, especially in the key area of Peaceful co-existence amongst the peoples and communities of Delta state, which defines his portfolio.

Mr. Emetulu’s epistle to Deltans is published in full below:

“Great Deltans,
As some of you are already aware, His Excellency, Senator (Dr) Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, the Executive Governor of Delta State has just appointed me as his Executive Assistant (Community Relations and Peace Building). It’s another call to serve you the great people of Delta State and it is a responsibility I have humbly accepted.

As I resume in my new office, I have decided that my first duty is to send out this message to you, good people of Delta State particularly and Nigerians, generally.

I ask at this moment that you join me to thank the Almighty Father who has kept all of us to this day, looked after our state and our people and who has ordered my steps from the moment I was born till this day. Pray that I remain a vessel in His honour. Pray that His will continue to be done in our great state and in our great country.

I want to use this opportunity to thank the Governor for deeming me worthy of this important appointment. Any job that has its primary objective as meeting with ordinary citizens of our state at every level and designing policies with a view to ensuring good community relations and the fostering of peace throughout the state can only be described as crucial and important.

For a true, God-fearing politician, people are important. I want to thank my family, friends, supporters and all Deltans and Nigerians who’ve been calling and sending me messages of goodwill since the news of my appointment broke. I am humbled by some of the things that have been said and the ones that are still being said. Indeed, this is not new.

I recall that for the past ten years, I’ve been inundated with messages of support and encouragement, a lot of which I sit down in my private moments to read and re-read. One of the prominent themes of these messages from diverse people is the claim that I have affected so many lives while in service.

People recall things I cannot sometimes remember as evidence of how much I have done. But let me say this here and now, I have done nothing. When I say I have done nothing, I mean I have done nothing that is over and above what I should be doing, I have done nothing special. As a public official, your mandate is to deliver good service to the people because it’s the greatest honour to be called to serve them.

The problem with us in Nigeria is that we live in a political environment where sometimes public officials behave as if they are doing you a favour by doing half a job. No, you are the people, you are our employers and I am here to rededicate myself to serve you even better than I have done before.
For Deltans, these are very critical times.

When we look around the nation and hear the discordant tunes and see the crises of citizenship and development manifesting themselves in the Boko Haram insurgency, the Niger-Delta militancy, the Biafra and Oduduwa separatist agitations and various other ethnic and communal clashes all over, we worry for ourselves and we worry for our country. But it’s all a manifestation of a system that has ignored people for too long.

When government is much more into self-indulgence, they, like the lost dog, cannot hear the hunter’s whistle anymore.

As Deltans, we have always set the pace for the nation. We have always been the ones that take the higher grounds in sports, politics and development because we have citizens who are confident in their abilities, who know their rights and who are a hundred percent committed to Nigeria. Our nation is calling on us again to show the way with good examples and His Excellency Sen (Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa, Governor of Delta State has heard that call.

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Governor Ifeanyi Okowa is a very calm, contemplative and committed visionary who has spent time now reviewing every aspect of public service in the state with a view to fashioning and implementing policies that will take the state to the next level.

He has committed himself to meeting the infrastructural needs of the state and in that regard, he has been developing strategies to manage resources in a manner that’s delivering the best quality service to the people with regard to roads, healthcare, rapid industrialisation, agricultural reforms, education, research and development.

So, what you have started seeing on the ground in some of your communities in terms of physical development is the result of that deliberateness and his work of putting together a team that can deliver on the mission at every level. I’m humbled to be a part of that team.

However, apart from competent sons and daughters he has serving in the government in political positions and in the state civil service, the Governor is very mindful of developing the state human capital as a whole.

As he explained to me, his tagline during the campaign -“Prosperity for all Deltans” – is a distillation of his dream for every man and woman in the state. The Governor is convinced that once the government creates the enabling environment for education, training, business and industrial development, Deltans with their God given ingenuity will use the opportunities arising therefrom to better themselves and create prosperity for themselves, their neighbours and their communities.

My job as part of the team that oversees community relations and peace-building is to protect our investment in people and resources by ensuring that the right environment is engendered and sustained for good social and economic development.

As you are aware, this is part of the Governor’s SMART Agenda as it concerns the establishment of meaningful peace-building platforms to harbinger political harmony, social development and economic prosperity. We’ve been tasked with building and maintaining bridges of peace across our state and to improve on both intra and inter community relations.

Of course, we know that Deltans are naturally peace-loving people, so that makes our job easier.
As the Executive Assistant to the Governor on Community Relations and Peace Building, I am willing, able and ready to engage with you, the good people of Delta State to seek ways to make government services better for our people.

Delta State is moving to the next level and we need peace and good community relations to achieve that objective of placing our state at the top of the development index in the country. The government under the astute leadership of Senator (Dr) Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa will do its part; you, the citizens of the state wherever you reside and work must join us as stakeholders to move that agenda forward.

I am humbly and fully committed to serving you with the sole aim of achieving that objective.
Thank you and God bless us all.”

Charles C. Emetulu
Executive Assistant to the Governor
Community Relations & Peace Building.
Delta State.

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