Delta state Commissioner of Police (Compol), Mr. Zanna Ibrahim has called on Nigeria’s politicians to emulate the Delta state Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) for successfully conducting a rancour-freoooe, credible, free and fair elections to put in place a new executive to run the affairs of the council, even as he charged Journalists to be whistle blowers in the collective effort of the Federal government to expose corruption and recover looted funds.

The Delta CP gave this admonition when journalists of the Asaba Correspondents Chapel (ACC) and the Indigenous Correspondents Chapel (ICC) of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Delta State Council engaged him in a media parley at the Command’s headquarter, Asaba on Thursday, August 10, 2017.

While congratulating the journalists on the success of the change of baton at the Delta State NUJ elections, he politicians to emulate the pace set by the journalists by conducting free, fair, credible elections that is rancour free.

The Police Commissioner commended the initiative of the Journalists for reaching out to the Command stating that the Inspector General of Police, IGP Ibrahim Idris, has always stressed on the fact that the Police must embark on a vigorous community partnership.

“The Policing system has had a paradigm shift from a Police Force that have always been seen as a monster to a Policeman that would be seen as friendly. The management has always advocated for community partnership in general terms. Either in relationship with the Press, the Traditional Rulers, or NGOs. It is only when we do that, that members of the public will now have confidence in us and will be friendly to us, then we will get credible information. But if we are seen as monsters, then will not be proffered with credible information. This is the partnership the inspector general of police is advocating and I must commend this initiative.”

He called attention to the big task facing the country in the fight against crime and criminality. “It is against this background the press is a critical segment that should help to build an environment that is safe and secured, so that investment and development will thrive,” Ibrahim said.

His logic was that investors could only be encouraged to come to Nigeria in an atmosphere of safety and security, because it is through such investments that employment opportunities will be created for the unemployed youths, even as he strrssed that when the youths are gainfully employed, it keeps them busy away from crime, and the result is safety and security of the environment.

The Delta Police Commissioner also charged journalists in the state to be proactive and objective in their reportage urging them to be Whistle Blowers in order to eradicate the ills currently ravaging the Nigeria Society.


“This is the era of Whistle Blowing, in whatever way you look at it, please be whistle blowers. What ever you see, say it so that this country will move forward. Nigeria has been stagnated for a very long time, countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE and Malaysia that were behind us, are far ahead of us today.It is the press that will change the fortunes of Nigeria, you must expose what is not correct, you must expose people who are not doing the right thing in Nigeria. You are not blackmailing anybody but let the truth be told,” the CP stated.

He added that, Whistle Blowing should equally extend to the activities of the Police Force so that noticeable lapses will be laid off. “When I talk about whistle blowing, it is not just in the society, even in the Police Force. Whenever you see policemen going haywire, get us informed. That is why we have circulated our telephone numbers and through that, we can know our performance.”

Compol Ibrahim also called attention to the many agitations in the country, pointing out that it is only the Press that can help the country to manage the information by helping to build through the publication of objective reportage of events and occurrences.

“We should tell the outside world about positive happenings in our state and country, so as to encourage investors to come in and invest. Let’s propagate stories that will build,” he said.

Speaking further Compol Ibrahim also called attention to the era the nation is in, saying that “This is an era of whistle blowing. Blow the whistle against crime and criminality so as to ease our country from vices that have stagnated our country,” Ibrahim said.

He continued: “We must change. We must expose people who are doing incorrect things in the society. You are not blackmailing anybody by doing such. But we must know how we are doing, even in the police. Whistle blowing should be extended to the police so that we know how we are doing.”

Ibrahim decried the do or die attitude of some Nigerians to seeking positions of power. He said: “People should not die because people want to occupy a position. Let us please report so that the political terrain is not over heated; because at the end of the day the bulk stops on the desk of the police as the arrow head for providing security and safety of society.”

While pleading with Nigerians to avoid hate speech and that such speech should in fact not be propagated, the Delta Police Tzar equally acknowledged that the role of the Press cannot be overemphasized in any society.

“That is why people will willingly want to partner with you. And the IGP has charged us to observe democratic policing,” Ibrahim said.

Rounding up his admonitions and commendations Compol Zanna Ibrahim said: CP Ibrahim who was elated by the forum, tasked members of the press to build and not destroy the society through their various reportage noting that It is only the press that can be able to help the police manage the situation in the country by being very objective for the betterment of the Nigeria Society especially in Delta State.

“We need development in this State, the resources are there but people are scared because of the picture the media paints to the outside world. The press is meant to help us build an environment that is secured so that development will thrive because if the society is not secured, nobody will come and invest. So you have a very important role to play in the society”, he opined.

The Delta top cop then tasked Journalists to be proactive in Investigative Journalism and should not conceal wrong practices in the country even if found among Police Officers.


Earlier the Chairmen of the two visiting chapels, Comrade Bartholomew Ozah of ICC and Comrade Paul Osuyi told the commissioner of Police that they came to visit to establish contact with his Command so that the Correspondents will be informed when the command is holding media briefings.

“Incontrovertibly, you have collaborated with the press since you came on board but what is worrisome is the fact that journalists working with community based media, especially my Chapel have not been carried along especially regarding invitations to cover your press briefings and often treated as gate crashers during briefings.

“CP sir, the importance of community press cannot be over emphasized, we appeal therefore to always extend invitations to us whenever there is briefing,” Comrade Ozah said.

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