Hon. Dumbari Dimkpa’a Giant Strides in Gokana LGA

This is what Hon. Dumbari Dimkpa achieved in less than a month in office as CTC chairman of Gokana LGA

1. Stable power supply and renovation of electricity facilities in Gokana
2. Provision of free buses for Gokana indigenes for the continuous voters registration exercise by INEC
3. Provision of ATM outlet in Gokana (ongoing)
4.Renovation of Council secretariat to provide conducive working environment for staff
5. Provision of constant and uninterrupted power supply at the council secretariat from 8am to 4pm every day, Monday through Friday for the comfort of Council staffs
6. Renovation of Kigbagha central market and removal of stack waste abandoned in the market for over 5 to 7 years.
6. Renovation of Gokana Computer School and Central Library (ongoing)
7. Massive Road clearing from Kpopie to Bodo and from Barako to Yeghe.
8. Building a more befitting Bus-Stop at Kpopie Junction for Gokana people (ongoing)
9. Provision of adequate security in Gokana
10. Cementing peace between Deeyor and Deken communities.
11. Provision of Council canteen for staff.
Do I talk about the Civil Defence Corp office renovation that was to commence on Thursday or the bursary and youth Empowerment programs that was about to Kickstart, or maybe I should tell you about about the Gokana cultural festival and talent hunt that were in the offing? Just in three weeks and you have achieved all these and I wonder what would have happened in three months and beyond.

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