The Futility of Dakuku’s Appointment – By Simeon Nwakaudu

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On February 3, 2016 shortly after the Supreme Court confirmed the election of Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, the Defeated 2015 Rivers State APC Governorship Candidate, Mr Dakuku Peterside ran to the APC National Secretariat for the most shameless courtesy visit which exposed the depth of the treachery of the immediate past Rivers State Governor, Rotiimi Amaechi administration.

Armed with bank statements and financial documents that detailed the unprecedented Rivers funds that Amaechi committed to the sponsorship of APC campaigns across the country, Dakuku Peterside launched a vicious explosive blackmail on the APC Leadership. He did this in the presence of invited journalists.

I recommend that you click: to read the statements of Dakuku and Oyegun at that ill-fated courtesy visit . You will appreciate the depth of Dakuku’s Blackmail adventure to Abuja. It was a mission to survive.

But like a trader that he is, Dakuku Peterside threw caution to the wind in his desperation to force the issue of his appointment. By his outburst, Dakuku revealed how the Amaechi structure betrayed Rivers State and the Niger Delta just for a few lucrative appointments.

Hear Dakuku: “We are called all sorts of names including being branded as traitors and almost live like outcast in our communities and environments.

“It will interest you to know that many of our members, supporters and sympathisers are still at a loss to see us work as orphans. We have a herculean task explaining to them that we actually form government at the centre.”

The above paragraphs quoted from Dakuku’s outburst as reported in most of the National Dailies and the link supplied, showed that the defeated Rivers APC Governorship Candidate was in the race simply for selfish reasons and at the prompting of his Oga.

With the display of the bank statements and financial transfers, the APC was compelled to appoint Dakuku Peterside into a position where his principal will recoup some of the billions committed to funding APC . Like his boss Rotimi Amaechi said on radio: “Dakuku’s Appointment is Huge..the revenue is dollars “.

Since he squeezed out that appointment through blackmail, Dakuku’s only significant achievement has been to assist the APC insult Governor Wike through press statements and interviews. NIMASSA has suddenly gone into a vegetative state. NIMASSA has become a failed agency like the APC Federal Government.

Aside sneaking into Rivers State with close to one hundred naval security personnel , because he cannot walk the streets, Dakuku has attracted nothing to Rivers State. The state’s waterways and ports still rely on Governor Wike and the Rivers State Government for logistics for their limited operations. Otherwise, NIMASA merely exists on the fonts of Dakuku’s Press Statements.

His recent Press Statement released on 9th August, 2017 further confirms why Rivers people overwhelmingly rejected Dakuku Peterside at the polls . His outburst centred on Governor Wike’s repositioning of the machinery of Government .

Governor Wike is alive to his responsibility to the good people of Rivers State. He knows that government should be strengthened after the midterm. This understanding is beyond the APC where governance has been crippled.

It is within the limits of the governor to re-jig his administration at regular intervals to ensure optimal performance of Government.

That is the difference between the Rivers State Government and the APC Federal Government that relies on destructive propaganda to be relevant. If the APC Federal Government has ten percent of the performance and efficiency of the Wike administration, Nigerians would have been celebrating.

Governor Wike pays salaries, he pays pensions, executes high profile people oriented projects and ensures the Government works for the people. Governor Wike provides logistics and financial support for Federal Security agencies and he defends the interest of Rivers people.

Dakuku should find ways of becoming politically relevant outside his percent cries from the boys quarter of his principal in pursuit of the 2019 APC ticket. As Dakuku bootlicks, let him leave governance of Rivers State out of his failures. Even at home, his State Assembly representative is a PDP member. Dakuku is not on ground, hence he has lost touch with the reality in the state.

Governor Wike is busy cleaning the mess that Dakuku’s boss left in Rivers State. This is a serious and complex assignment. Governor Wike has restored respect to the State. The Judiciary is working, the Legislature is functional and the bureaucracy is alive. These organs of government were castrated by Dakuku’s principal.

Dakuku’s skill at treachery wont work in Rivers State. APC has been defeated here. It will be defeated nationwide. The APC represents the worst display of deceit, electoral fraud, evil machinations and hatred for the people. This is the worst era in the history of Nigeria. The APC Federal Government has no presence in Rivers State in terms of projects and programmes. It is sad that Dakuku and company want to distract the Rivers State Governor who is doing good.

The Defeated Rivers APC Governorship Candidate should concentrate on clearing his image on the involvement of his cousin, Atonyesia Peterside in the printing of fake ballots for the last rerun elections. Dakuku Peterside has the moral burden of explaining why he escaped with results from Ikwerre LGA Collation Centre on March 20, 2016. These are fundamental issues he should deal with.

He should clear himself of allegations that Amaechi recruited him to generate crisis in Rivers APC by using Novotel to rig the party’s local government congress.

Dakuku’s appointment is a minus to Rivers State. Other than the retuns to Amaechi and his regular press statements to masaage the over-bloated ego of his embattled boss, his appointment has been a mere compensation for a cheer leader who cannot comprehend the intricacies of developmental governance.


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