The Rivers State Government says it is interested in the peace and development of all parts of the State.

The State Deputy Governor Dr. (Mrs.) Ipalibo Harry Banigo stated this during a stake holders meeting of the Rivers State Boundary Commission with Norkpo Community of Tai Local Government Area and Ogu Community in Ogu Bolo Local Government Area over a land boundary dispute.

According to Dr. Banigo based on the alleged seizure of farm lands belonging to the Norkpo Community by the Ogu Community both communities were invited to a peace meeting by the State Boundary Commission to forestall threats to peace and security in the area on the 13th of July 2017 where both parties agreed to sign a peace pact.


The Deputy Governor who is the Chairman of the State Boundary Commission disclosed that both communities admitted that the matter was being handled by local arbitrators, but members of the Norkpo Community later decided to withdraw from the local settlement of the matter, citing displeasure with the process and appealed to the State Boundary Commission to take over the issue.

She said in line with the relevant provisions of the National Boundary Commission Act, 2006 the State Boundary Commission has taken over the matter to ensure a quick and peaceful resolution of the dispute to engender peaceful coexistence.

“The Governor Wike led Administration is very much interested in the peace, progress and development of all parts of the State because it is only through peace that sustainable development can be achieved , we shall ensure that our State remains peaceful and investor friendly” The Deputy Governor said.

Earlier the Chairman Care Taker Committee of Tai Local Government Area Sylvester Ngba expressed confidence that the State Boundary Commission under the chairmanship of the Deputy Governor, Dr. Mrs Ipalibo Harry Banigo will provide a peaceful resolution of the dispute, stressing that he has been holding meetings with stake holders in his Local Government Area to improve security and ensure that they live peacefully with their neighbours.

Reported by Owupele Benebo, Head of Press Unit, Deputy Governor’s Office Port Harcourt.

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