Contractors Fixing Portions Of Bad Roads -DTSG

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Deltans have been assured that any defect noticed on the roads commissioned recently by the state government in any part of the state will be fixed by the contractors of such roads without any cost to the government.
A statement signed by the Media Assistant to the State Commissioner for information, Mr. Sam Ijeh, in Asaba today (22/09/2017) explained that in all the contracts, there is what is known as Defect Liability Period which usually lasts for 12 months. During this period,  any defect detected is liable to be corrected by the contractor without added costs to the state government.
We do understand the concerns of Deltans and we assure them that the bad portions of all completed road projects have been fixed, or are either being addressed or will be addressed once the rain subsides.  
The statement emphasized that the state government has  not commenced work on the Enerhen Road Junction in Effurun, but the State Executive Council has given directive that as soon as the rains subside, the bad section of the road should be scoped and rigid concrete pavement be done on that section of the road.
On Ekakpramre/Ekrokpe/Usiefrun/ Orhonwonron Road in Ughelli South/Udu Local Government Areas, the statement explained that it is not true that the road has been abandoned as the contractor has commenced work and have done over 600 metres of overlay.
The contractor however made a proposal that due to the rains, he has to suspend work and it will commence as soon as the rain subsides and the state government has accepted the proposal.
We are using this medium to plead with Deltans to be patient with the Okowa-led Government and to remain positive that ‘prosperity for all Deltans’ is on course, the statement added. 

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