A prominent member of the opposition All Progressives Congress, Party, APC,  in Delta state, Mr. Emmanuel Ogwuda, has called on the APC to field a candidate from Delta North for the governorship seat in order top wrestle power from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in 2019.

Ogwuda stated this in Asaba during a chat with Indigenous Correspondents Chapel of the Nigerian Union of Journalists Delta State Council, regretting that the PDP led government of the state since 1999 has only succeeded in making Deltans very unproductive.

He challenged Deltans not to abandon the struggle for the rescue of Delta State for the politicians alone, adding that the PDP claim of stronghold of the state was a mirage insisting that Delta is a God’s own state.

He said the power to rescue Delta State rest with Deltans if they resolved to do so, noting that Delta State which used to be productive in all facets is now a shadow of itself.

“A community that lacks good roads, water, electricity is a jungle and that is what PDP has turned Delta State into. The present government  fiscal policy thrust is a disaster. They keep giving excuses because of 60,000 work force of the state in a population of almost four millions. Internally generated revenues in Asaba through the tricycles alone can sustain Asaba. While using Paris Fund to pay salaries?

While calling on parents to encourage their children to pursue leadership as a career, he noted that due to greedy politicians and money bags  in the system it could be difficult but urged the young not to relent.

Ogwuda also charged journalists especially the community press to sensitize Deltans on the needs to elect credible people to various political positions.

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