Recall Ruling: NO CAUSE FOR ALARM – Melaye


Embattled Senator Dino Melaye, representing Kogi West Senatorial Zone, whose suit to stop the process of his recall, was dismissed by a Federal High Court, has assured his supporters that there is no cause for alarm.

Waxing authoritative and in his usual combative tone, Melaye, whose confidence of truncating a looming recall from the Senate by his constituents was seriously dampened by the ruling of a Federal High Court, Abuja, pointed accusing fingers at some persons, including Governor Hahaha Hello of Kogi state for his travails, even as he urged his constituents in Kogi West not to be troubled in the face of what he described as obvious persecution and appealable judgement.

Senator Melaye also pointedly accused Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, top Federal Government officials, and top security officers, all working on tandem with Governor Bello, as the arrowheads behind his recall agenda, hinting that he would appeal the Court ruling.

Melaye said, “My great people of Kogi West Senatorial District of Kogi state, in the face of obvious persecution and appealable judgement of the Federal High Court Abuja today, let not your heart be troubled. Lies will never overtake or conquer truth.

“The presence of the Kogi State Attonery General and Commissioner for Justice in court today over a matter that Kogi State is not joined as a party shows the clear collaborative efforts of INEC and Kogi State Government. However, these combined efforts of Governor Yahaya Bello, INEC, top Federal Government officials and top security agents to harangue and stampede me out of the Senate against the will of Kogi West constituents will fail woefully. He who is with me from above is greather than all of them put together”, he intoned.

Speaking further, Senator Melaye said: “I will not stop speaking truth to authority. Kogi State Government must pay workers’ salaries and pay pensioners. We cannot all sleep facing one side of the bed. We shall overcome this temporary Shenanigan in the long run. We will neither sleep nor slumber on this. I use this opportunity to thank my dear constituents for their abiding love for and confidence shown towards me. God bless you all. Imole de, okunkun parada!” he expressed.

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