Adadioranma, Sandra Dumebi Demian Pays Homage To Iyase Asaba – By Patrick Ochei


The highly revered Iyase of Asaba, Chief Patrick Isioma Goodluck Onyeobi has received Hon. Chief Mrs. Sandra Dumebi Demian, the “Adadioranma 1 Na Ogbaru” to his country home when she came with her entourage to report to the Iyase her new chieftaincy title and to seek the blessings of the elder statesman.

The Iyase who warmly received her on Friday 9th March, 2018, said he was pleasantly surprised at the magnitude in which she came, believing it could have been a normal visit.

Onyeobi however, blessed Chief Sandra Dumebi, asking God to give her the grace and wisdom to continue to affect the lives of her people who had deemed it fit to bestow such honour of Adadioranma on her.

He also maintained that the testimonies of Chief Dumebi’s activities were quite interesting, urging her to keep it up, just as he said that the best way to live is to serve humanity.




Meanwhile, Hon. Chief Dumebi Demian recounted to the Iyase how the Chieftaincy title of ‘Adadioranma 1 of Ogbaru’ came about and the processes she underwent before being installed on the 27th of December, 2017.

According to her, His Royal Majesty, Igwe Okakwu of Odekpe Kingdom in Anambra State had specifically asked her to go to the Iyase of Asaba for confirmation and to further seek his blessings.

Chief Dumebi said the Igwe of Odekpe holds Iyase Onyeobi in high esteem, hence he so directed.

Speaking further, the Oko born Chief Sandra Dumebi Demian, said the chieftaincy title is an honour from her maternal home, where it is believed she had affected lives positively.



She said the people of Odekpe believe she is one person who married out but constantly remembers home, adding that in their words she sunk a borehole for them, built a house for her father and had continued to give employment to their children.

“These were the words of Igwe Okakwu of Odekpe, the basis of which I was nominated for this chieftaincy title of Adadioranma Na Ogbaru. And for directing me to come and also pay homage to Chief P.I.G Onyeobi, I have therefore decided to make this place my home. I will from henceforth be at your service my revered father, Iyase of Asaba”, she submitted.

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