Is it true that Hon. Emeka Nwaobi, member representing Aniocha North Constituency in the Delta State House of Assembly, dragged Prince Victor Egbune, Aniocha North PDP Chairman, to swear an oath?

Is it true that the same Hon. Emeka Nwaobi also dragged Mr. Val Okafor, another stalwart of Aniocha North PDP to the same shrine to administer the same on him?

Is it true that the member representing Aniocha North state constituency in the Delta State House of Assembly has now resorted to patronising marabouts, traditional diviners and deep rooted ancestral deities with the dubious intent of summoning and invoking rituals of cursing and binding those perceived as political enemies?

Is it true that the man who sought to represent the people of Aniocha in the Delta State House of Assembly addressing himself as ‘Oji Chukwu Bulu uzor’ (he who puts God first), was only deceiving the good and unsuspecting people of Aniocha, when in actual existence, he is really ‘Oji alusi na mmuo bulu uzor?’

These are very weighty and frightening questions hanging over the head and political reputation of Hon. Emeka Nwaobi, as every new day reveals unbelivable dimensions and revelations of the desperation and extent he is prepared to go and every devious and cunning method he is willing to employ in his overarching ambition to cling to power and become the political overlord and master controller of the Aniocha North political machinery.

Feelers from impecable and incontrovetible sources within the Aniocha North political space confirm that the last may not have been heard of the political imbroglio that recently tarnished the image of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP following the January 6, Delta Coucil elections.

The latest dimension that now further threatens political stability of PDP in Aniocha North has allegedly been orchestrated by the same Hon. Emeka Nwaobi, the mastermind of all the trouble in the LGA, as he has purportedly taken his desperation and nervous aversion to any form of political opposition to a dangerous and diabolical level, just days after a peace parley was convened by former Deputy Governor,  Chief Benjamin Elue.

Aniocha North political observers would recall that following the spate of accussations, power tussle, suspensions and counter suspensions involving the leadership of the PDP in Aniocha North, a directive was said to have been issued by Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, through the Delta PDP Chairman, Barr. Kingsley Esiso, directing all the warring parties to sheathe their swords, embrace dialogue and seek an amicable resolution to the contentious issues that had ignited the political conflagration in the first place. A meeting, according to sources, was then summoned and supervised by Chief Elue, where it was resolved that all those in attendance, including the warring parties, should go and sin no more in the interest of the political fortunes of PDP in the LGA.

However, just days after that conflict resolution meeting, very reliable sources inside Aniocha North, affirmed that Hon. Emeka Nwaobi, not satisfied with the conventional grntleman’s resolution agreed at the meeting, subsequently proceeded to seek a more seemingly binding and well tested traditional method which decreed ultimately fatal punitive measures with fetish and diabolical repercautions, by purportedly dragging the Aniocha North PDP Chairman, Prince Victor Egbune and another party Chieftain, Mr. Val Okafor to the palace and ancestral shrine of the community to swear an oath seeking to bind both men with the curse of death if they refuse to support his political ambition as alleged.

However, both men, to his great disappointed and chagrin, refused to swear the oath under Hon. Nwaobi ‘s conditions and while Prince Victor Egbune reportedly swore that he would not participate in any activity that would phydically endanger Nwaobi’s life, but play politics inline with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mr. Okafor vehemently declined to swear the oath,  informing Nwaobi that they were only involved in the game of politics, in which there will be winners and losers and it was not a do or die affair which requires somebody swaering with his life or putting his life on the line just to pledge political loyalty to another human, as all life and power belong to God Almighty and not man as alleged.

Inside Anoicha North sources hint that there was simmering anger expressed by many indigenes of the LGA,  as the hose who are aware of the far reaching implications of such oaths and knowledgeable about the experiences recounted in such cases over the years, quickly recalled the sad incidence of the INEC Ad-hoc staff who lost his life in Onitsha Ugbo during the January 6, Council polls, allegedly as a result of the repercatio n of a similar path like the one Hon. Nwaobi had purportedly dragged Prince Egbune and Mr. Okafor  to go and swear as alleged.

The anger in Aniocha North against Hon. Emeka Nwaobi is further aggravated by his own admission that after helping Dame Nkem Okwuofu re-install a “non-performing” Chuks Oseme as the LGA Chairman after the January 6, Council polls, his own intention to be given an automatic ticket by the PDP now appears in jeopardy as Okwuofu, the god-mother of Delta politics has recently started displaying signs of supporting another aspirant and reneging on their earlier alleged agreed truce to deliver Oseme for a second term.

Many discerning Aniocha North people, according to feelers from the LGA, are beginning to wonder why Emeka Nwaobi is afraid of a decent, free, fair and credible primaries to elect the Aniocha North PDP candidate for Delta Assembly later this year and many of them are now recalling the December 2014 PDP primaries where there are very strong and electronic evidence supported claims that Nwaobi did not win that primaries and is very frightened of a repeat performance with the attendant horror of going through all the things he may have experienced, which may also have, included some oath taking and parting with huge money to Dumebi Kachikwu and Uche Secondus as alleged if what he has supposedly done with Prince Egbune and Val Okafor are true.

The extent of the anger against Hon. Nwaobi, from sampled opinions across Aniocha North, is such that except for a few die hard sycophants and failed political journey men, some masquerading as media aides, the growing consensus is that if he can go to the dangerous extent of summoning those he regards as his political enemies for speaking against his power mongering tendencies, before an Oracle or traditional deity, then he should forthwith stop describing himself as ‘Oji chukwu bulu uzor…” (he who puts God first), as his suspected recent actions have not only exposed his deceitful personality but is a mockery of God and if he can summon people before fetish shrines then he should immediately change his name to ‘Oji mmuo na alusi bulu uzor’ (he who puts his trust is shrines and deities).

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