Worried by the continued killings of the innocent citizens by the Fulani herdsmen across the country, the National Coordinator, Campaign for Good Governance CGG, Prince Obaro Roland Unuafe, has called on the Civil Society Organizations, Academic Staff Union of Universities ASUU, Human Rights Groups, Student bodies, Christian Association of Nigeria CAN, to stand up and protest against what he called the genocide against Nigerians.

Speaking with newsmen in his office at Asaba, Prince Obaro said Nigerians are being taken for granted and also being hoodwinked into believing that the massive killings going on has no connection with the ruling All Progressive Congress APC or the President, pointing out that President Mohammadu Buhari prior to the 2015 general elections, had boosted should he loose the election bamboos and the monkeys will be socked in blood.

“And now in victory are Nigerians not being docked in blood? Nigerians thought President Buhari was a true nationalist but unfortunately the reverse is the case. The killings started gradually when he assumed office but it later graduated into massive killings that can now be described as genocide by the President kinsmen.”

He recalled that whenever there is killings by the herdsmen the President won’t react but he was quick to deployed the security to South East and South South when Nnamdi Kalu and Tompolo were agitating against the marginalisation of their people.

“Shouldn’t he now deployed the security against the Meyiati Alah, who has laid claims to the massive killings? President Buhari is fascist, sadist and a political bigot. The CNN reported that President Mohammadu Buhari is being linked with the ongoing killings. Buhari claimed the killer herdsmen are foreigners who were trained by the late Gadargi, but the Meyiati Allah is laying claim to the killings in Plateau because they lost 300 cows.”

Prince Obaro wondered why should the presidency canvassed for ranches across the 36 states as the solution to the ongoing killings, arguing that the best way solution is for Nigerians to mobilised and protest against orchestrated act of genocide against Nigerians.

“Nigerians should rise up and move to the streets. In the time of General Sani Abacha Nigerians were alive. Where are the ASUU, CSOs, Human Rights activists? What has suddenly happened to them? Is Nigerians suffering from the state of amnesia? Nigerians must wake up and move to the streets to protest against the genocide.” He added.

Continuing; “They formal President Goodluck Jonathan was clueless and no nothing about governance, but what of President Buhari is he governing? APC promised were delusion, utopia and exist only at the realm of dream. They have not been able to fulfilled any of their promises. ”

The National Coordinator, however, called on tge Delta State government to be on alert, saying Asaba is sitting on a keg of gun powder.

According to him; “The way and manner the shoe makers, iron condemned people, job men from the core north surrounding the capital territory is worrisome. I called on the state government to be security alert.” He warned.

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