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Engr. Philips Ugbomah, a leading aspirant to the Delta state House of Assembly, for the Ndokwa East Constituency seat, has expressed displeasure over the unsavory nature of some political activities and called on politicians in the state to exhibit greater tolerance with their fellow politicians, even when they differ ideologically, stressing that such intolerance of opposing opinions, would only breed tension and lack of development in the land.

The State House of Assembly hopeful, and member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, who spoke against the backdrop of the constant destruction of his campaign materials, such as billboards, posters and other publicity items, decried the continuous and deliberate damage, defacing and mutilation of billboards promoting his ambition to run for the Ndokwa East Constituency seat, even as he pointed out that such acts of violence against fellow aspirants, is not the right way to play politics.

“This is the third time I have had to replace my billboard along Asaba-Ughelli road, around Ossisa, in Ndokwa East Local Government Area. That people will think and go out to carryout an act of vandalism against a fellow politician at this stage is not healthy. And I wonder, what message we are trying to pass to the people we intend to represent,” he intoned in a disturbed voice.

Engr. Ugbomah who was visibly angry over the wanton and unchecked act of continuous vandalism against his ambition by unknown persons,  said such act is not good for the growth of democracy in the state, especially as it negates the plea and admonition for the entrenchment of internal democracy in the parties and the spirit of free and fair primaries for all aspirants, which has been the major message of the party leadership in the state and indeed Governor Ifeanyi Okowa himself, who has been at the forefront of advocating it for all party members and faithful across board.

“This act of vandalism is not healthy for our politics, especially when it looks as if the act is being carried by people from the same party. This shows signs of weakness on our part individually, if we cannot manage our ego and decide to carry out acts of destruction, against a fellow aspirant. Every one of us is clamouring for internal democracy but how can we achieve that with such crude thinking and attitudes,” he queried.

Engr. Ugbomah asked those contesting that if they decide to fight against each other as they work towards party primaries, what will they now do after the primary, when one amongst them emerges, as they were to work for the success of the party in the general poll.

“We that are from the same party are not supposed to do this to ourselves. Our common goal is to ensure our party wins the 2019 election in the state. We should know that after the primaries, all structure will collapse into one to work for whoever emerges as the sole candidates of the party.”

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