As political parties in Nigeria prepare for their primary elections to elect flagbearers, the Chairman of Nigerian Peoples Congress (NPC), Comrade Mamuzo Gabriel JP, has cautioned delegates against choosing money bags and unpopular candidates, stressing that delegates should choose candidates who know the needs of the electorate.

Comrade Mamuzo who is currently the Chairman Leagues of Political Parties Chairmen (LPPC) in Delta state, while addressing newsmen in his office at Asaba, the state capital, advised all parties faithful who will emerge as delegates in their respective parties to elect candidates in their primaries that can put the interest of the people and their parties first before personal gains.

While condemning the elected and the appointed public office holders who do not pay attention to the needs and aspirations of the masses, the Chairman urged the delegates to put aside money and selfish interest and obey party rules and regulations by electing candidates who can bring genuine development to the grassroot.

“Political parties should endeavour to field a man or woman who has the interest of the people at heart. It only take a man who has lived with his people to know their needs, knowing fully well that if you bring a novice from outside to impose on the people, the candidate will not represent his constituency adequately. The grassroot needs a person who has been living with them and understands their plight.

According to him; “the people need the grassroot candidate who knows all the units that make up a ward. Most of these aspirants are not aware of the numbers of units in the constituencies they are struggling to represent. Representing the people in the state house or at national assembly is not an appointment where you pick people by recommendations in order to compensate him or her or a particular person. Representing people is entrusting the life of a constituency in to the hands of a person to care for and be their eyes and to attract development to the area,” Mamuzo added.

Continuing, he said; “We are pleading to the delegates and party leaders to please allow transparency and think of the people before their personal interest and vote a grassroot candidate who has direct bearing on the affairs of the people and their party members at the grassroot, not those who have gone to Abuja and forgotten those that voted them in. Now election is fast approaching, promises every where, most of these people who don’t know the numbers of units and wards in their constituencies cannot connect properly to the people,” he added.

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