Former Rivers State Governor and Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has extolled the virtues of Apostle Eugene Egwuatu Ogu, the General Superintendent of Abundant Life Evangel Mission (ALEM) and the President, Arm of Hope Foundation (AHF), describing him as a great man of God with unshakable integrity, unyielding competence, transparency, humility, simplicity, and uncommon boldness-cum-fearlessness, who staked his life and spiritual reputation to stand on the side of truth and justice in the events that defined the 2007 governorship elections in Rivers state and culminated, eventually, in his emergence as the Governor of the state.

Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi, who was represented by prominent Rivers born legal luminary and oil industry corporate mogul, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, spoke during the 56th birthday celebrations of Apostle Eugene Ogu, on Sunday, 22 July, when the renowned man of God, across rivers state and beyond, was immensely celebrated by dignitaries from all walks of life, who graced the joyous occasion, that included a Church service held at the Abundant Life Evangel Mission, ALEM Cathedral or Temple of Favour, and a reception in hall of celebration located within the sprawling premises the premises on number 98 Omoi Orosi, Rumuigbo Hospital road, Port Harcourt.

It was indeed a memorable event conducted in an atmosphere lit with the euphoric sensation of fulfillment and filled with heartfelt praise and thanksgiving, as the servant of God, was celebrated with an outpouring of genuine love from well-wishers, members of the public and high profile individuals from across the country, especially the south south and the south eastern regions, who graced the occasion in impressive numbers.


Speaking in his capacity as the representative of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the Honourable Minister of Transportation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, who was also the special Guest of Honor at the ceremony, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs described Apostle Ogu as a charismatic and visionary leader, pro-active thinker, philanthropist, and quintessential preacher, who joined in a spiritual partnership with the two-terms Governor of Rivers State, for service to humanity and Rivers people in particular, and in that union with the great man of God, benefited immensely from God’s favor thereafter.

While acknowledging the extensive services and the great impact of the Arm of Hope Foundation which was founded by Apostle Eugene Ogu and wife Millie, the Honourable Minister, through Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, drew Biblical inferences from the story of King David who had  pure heart for the love of God, and encouraged Rivers people and Nigerian citizens to always keep a clean heart and imbibe the spirit of love and charity in order to lift the downtrodden from the shadows of life, even as he reminded the august audience and guests that God is more concerned about the content of human hearts than what we profess outwardly, advising further that it was more important for everyone to rid his heart of negative thought and and evil.

Recalling the charitable gesture of Chief Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi in partnering with the Arm of Hope Foundation to erect a school for the less privileged and other compassionate and humanitarian deeds, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, who himself is a well-loved philanthropist, described Apostle Ogu, who is famous for inventing the motto: “Except We Care, The People Perish” for the AHF, as a lover of men and a man who is always caring for people and willing to support every cause that seeks to protect those people in the society who live in the shadows of life,, through charitable works that has extended a caring and compassionate arm of hope and succour to the needy, less privileged, indigent folks, internally displaced victims of the incessant crises across the country and the hopeless in our society.

The birthday ceremony also featured a documentary on the accomplishments of Arm of Hope Foundation and the lecture of the day titled: ‘Life Beyond Boundaries’ which was delivered by the former Vice Chancellor of Imo State University, Prof P.E.P Nwosu and another professor from Michael Okpara University, Prof. C, Okafor. The birthday cake was cut by the celebrant, Apostle Eugene Ogu and his wife, Mrs Millie Ogu, along with the members of the high table, the Traditional Council of Ndieze Obowo, the pastors of Abundant Life Evangelical Ministry and the A.H.F workers.


The major highlight of the birthday celebrations was the presentation of awards of excellence in humanitarian services and leadership to the Special Guest of Honnour and former Rivers state Governor, now Minister of Transportation Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi as well as another presented to Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs for his consistent display of affection and love for humanity.

Dignitaries in attendance at the unique celebration included prominent statesman and one time Rivers state governorship aspirant Alabo Bekinbo Soberekon, Fmr. Deputy Speaker, Rivers State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Iyk Orji, Chairman Free Rivers Development Initiative, Engr. Samson Ngerrebara, Fmr. Speaker, Imo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Ike C. Ibe; member Imo State House of Assembly Hon. Kennedy Ibe, Executive chairman of Obowu LGA, Hon. Chidi. Daughter of former Imo state governor, Lady Patience Mbakwe, former Vice Chancellor of Imo State University, Prof. P.E.P Nwosu; Barr. Ike C. Ibe; as well as Hon. Celestine Akpobari, and Lady Nancy Stephens.

Other special guests included the Chairman of the occasion; Barr Ikeson Igbe, Hon. Chief Ifeanyichukwu Onwuyaba, the Traditional Council of Ndieze Obowo, led by the Chairman, Eze Godwin Okeke, and a host of majestically attired traditional royalty including Eze Paul Nwosu, Eze Ngozi Uwalaka, Eze Thankgod Ariwotu and Eze Louis Uwajimogu, amongst others.


A generous outpouring of spontaneous donations were willingly offered to support the Arm of Hope Foundation, AHF, by Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, on behalf of the Honourable Minister of Transportation, Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, whom he proudly represented at the occasion with great dignity and humility, as well as from other special guests like Barr. Ike C. Ibe; the Traditional Council of Ndieze Obowo, Hon. Kennedy Ibe  amongst others, with a pledge by one and all to continue to support and assist the AHF in all its activities and efforts to bring hope, succour and upliftment to the displaced and under privileged folks of society.



Apostle Eugene Egwuatu Ogu was born in Cameroun on the 22nd day of July, 1962 to Mr. and Mrs. Boniface Ogu, but hails from Ndiuhu Amuzi in Obowo Local Government Area of Imo state, Nigeria.

He ended his primary education in primary four as a result of the death of his mother, who was sole breadwinner of the family. He was sent to serve as a slave boy in the house of one Mr. Edward Ikenwilo. According to him, life without his parents was very harsh and unkind as the necessary needs of a growing young boy were not met. In his own words, “If I knew about suicide, it would have been a better option compared to my life experiences”.

The news of his ordeal in Cameroun got to his family in Nigeria and this prompted his elder brother, Mr. Paulinus Ogu to travel to Cameroun. They travelled back to Nigeria on a boat for two days. On arrival to Nigeria, Mr. Paulinus Ogu gave him out to Mr. Joseph Nwaobi, the owner of a carpentry workshop (Bethel Industries) in Owerri, Imo state.

He became a carpenter apprentice and at the close of work on his first day at the carpentry workshop, while others left for their respective homes, he began his second wilderness experience as he had no home to go to. He chose and slept on one of the carpentry tables for four years and seven months.

His experiences, according to him, were what brought him to the altar of prayer, where he cried and made a vow to God that, if he ever brings him out of the shambles, he would live his life for the poor. Hence, having been delivered from that life experience, Apostle Eugene Egwuatu Ogu has kept his vow to live his life with, and for the people he describes as his former constituency. These, in a nutshell, were what gave birth to Arm of Hope Foundation.


Arm of Hope Foundation was founded in 2005. It was incorporated in 2010 as the Arm of Hope World Outreach and later, as the Arm of Hope Foundation. AHF has impacted the lives of so many people in Nigeria, especially within the states and communities where there are victims of Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen crises and other natural disasters through the provision of skill acquisition programs for widows, scholarships for orphans and children of widows, portable borehole water for various disadvantaged communities and legal aids, without any racial, tribal, ethnic or religious disparity.

AHF has also given scholarship to over 1561 students at different educational levels which cut across sixteen states of the federation. A good number of communities in Rivers state and beyond have benefited from AHF’s water projects. Also, AHF built a secondary school in Dogo Nahauwa in Barikin-Ladi, Jos, Plateau state. In Maiduguri, Borno state of Nigeria in 2008, where about 54 churches were set ablaze and 58 people killed, AHF offered relief materials and cash donations to over 3000 people. All these are just a few of what AHF has been doing to relieve people who are displaced and are in distress.

Eugene Egwuatu Ogu, an apostle, by the will of God, a charismatic and visionary leader, provocative thinker, philanthropist, and quintessential preacher, is an example of living beyond boundaries who has gone above limitations and beyond his immediate environment to help the poor and needy. He has not only left his footprints on the sands of time but has stamped them in the hearts of men, where they will forever be cherished and unforgettable.

Incidentally, ‘Egwuatu’ literally means ‘Fearless’ and so to Eugene Ogu, the word, ‘impossibility’ does not exist. With profound knowledge of the word of God, he teaches excellence, holiness, righteousness and prosperity both spiritual and materially.


As a pastor’s Pastor, Apostle Ogu has pastured over a thousand pastors in Nigeria and abroad, as his office is a spiritual Jerusalem for younger and older pastors, an oasis in the lives of Christians who come for counselling on a daily basis.

Apostle Eugene Egwuatu Ogu is a proponent of the prosperity gospel which incorporates all round abundant life in Christ Jesus through faith. He has received grace and apostleship from Jesus Christ. His diligence, foresight, and distinctive leadership style have all transformed, with the apostolic grace of God, this carpenter-turned-quintessential preacher, Apostle Eugene Egwuatu Ogu, into one of the greatest Christian leaders of our time.


Source report and Photos from DLB Media


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