Let’s stop making slaves of fellow men and women


“Can we imagine when Africans were forcefully carried across the Atlantic Ocean in the harshest of conditions? Their groaning, their pains that followed the whips, chains and hunger in the airtight, cockroach and rat infested bunker below the deck of cargo ships?

Their sorrow-ridden humming in one of such ships, inspired Captain John Newton to write the soul-rending hymn ‘Amazing Grace’, one of the most sung hymns in history.

The truth is that the slave masters didn’t take slaves from Africa, but made free men and women slaves. Men made fellow men slaves.

Unfortunately hundreds of years since slavery was outlawed, our society is not yet free from practices akin to slavery, as we still see the elements of slavery rearing it’s ugly head everywhere. Men are still making slaves of fellow men.

Not providing jobs for the unemployed and leaving them hungry is slavery. To turn the youths into political thugs is slavery. To cut support for education is slavery. To owe retired workers’ pensions and use the money for politics is slavery. To spend state money without budget is slavery. To fuel murderous violence in order to attain political office is slavery. To spend hundreds of millions of naira in flag offs and commissioning is slavery. To spend a million naira on a project and say it’s one billion is slavery.

We can only be free when our happiness is linked to the happiness of the next man because we are all one in too many ways than one”.

Dumo Lulu-Briggs

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