2019: Ndokwa Nation Demand Developmental Strategies from Politicians


The people of Ndokwa Nation have set rules for any politician seeking to be elected or appointed to any public office in the area to be met or will not enjoy the support of the people in the 2019 general elections.

Speaking in a stakeholders meeting of the 37 clans President-Generals in Ndokwa land in Kwale, under the auspices of Ani Ndokwa Clans Association ANCA, Prince Igwe Nzekwe, the Coordinator of the group, demanded development from politicians forthwith.

Prince Nzekwe noted that ANCA is the association of the 37 Clans President Generals that is none political nor enjoys the support of a particular political party of a politician but committed to the unity and development of the Ndokwa land.

“ANCA is a registered body of official 37 clans in Ndokwa land, all political party in the country are under ANCA. We want unity and genuine development of the Ndokwa land. We want politicians that will give us development no longer empowerment. We wants projects like roads, electricity, pipe borne water, health facilities agricultural input and improve educational facilities in our communities.” Nzekwe added.

He said; “The under development of the riverine areas is an indication of a complete disconnect between it and the government. We don’t know if we are still part of Delta State. The government only remember us during election. The entire communities of Abala, Utchi, Lagos-Iyede, Iyede-Ame, Onyia Umu-Olu, Adiai are completely cut off, no road, no electricity, no water, no health care facilities, our women travel with boat to Anambra state to deliver.”

Continuing; ” We are calling on government to come to our aide, NDDC, DESOPADEC and the Ministry of Niger Delta have have not affected us in anyway. The free maternal health care of the state government is not presence in riverine areas.”

While urging the youths and women in Ndokwa Nation to be more focused and united, he advised them to always show respect for the elders, and the President-Generals of their various clans.

Nzekwe who formally received and unveiled the certificate of registration of the Ani Ndokwa Clans Association to the stakeholders, expressed appreciation for the commitment of the 37 clans in the Ndokwa for coming together to champion the cause of the Ndokwa people, noting that with the full registration of ANCA they are now set to play active roles in the development of the Ndokwa land.

In a remark, the President-General of Akoku, stressed the needs for proper enlightenment through sensitization programmes to educate the people especially women and youths on the purpose of ANCA.

The ANCA stakeholders who received the delegation of Prince Ned Nwoko, a senatorial hopeful in the 2019 general elections, led by the Director-General of Prince Ned Nwoko Campaign Organisation, Mr. Leonard Esegbue.

Esegbue said Prince Ned Nwoko is passionate and committed to addressing the challenges of under development of the Ndokwa land, noting that Ndokwa East is of priority attention to Prince Ned Nwoko when elected.

He stated that he came to visit the 37 clans heads onbehalf of Prince Ned Nwoko to seek their support ahead of the party primary and general elections, assuring that the chances of Prince Ned Nwoko winning the Senate election is bright judging from the overwhelming endorsement of key stakeholders in the Delta North senatorial district.

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