Ibom Hall in the beautiful city of Uyo, the capital city of Akwa-Ibom state will be glittering with exotic carvings of divergent crafts and scenting with the combinations of aromas and spices when the Niger Delta Food Basket and Crafts Show opens from 22nd- 24th August.

The extra-ordinary show, which arguably is the first of its kind in the Niger Delta Region, is sponsored by a collaboration of the Lord’s Basket Outreach and Sustainable Eco6tem and will feature Food Entrepreneurs, Food Manufacturing Companies, Arts/Crafts, Cooperative Groups, Farmers Group, Beverage Companies, Salons/Spa, Telecoms, Advertising, and other related enterprises involved in the culinary and craft businesses across the Niger Delta region.

Spokesperson and  Ceo/Content Theorist at Sustainable Eco6tems Limited and Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer at International Hospitality, Tourism and Eco-Sustainability Forum- IHTEF, Mr. Chibuikem Diala, says that It is a show for businesses, crafts and networking Exhibition and is expected to attract entrepreneurs, farmers, craftsmen, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, seviceprenuers  as well as those involved in the food and beverages sector in the South South region.


Mr. Diala, who is also the Global Climate Director at Green Support Initiative-Africa (CSR), further noted that the platform will provide an excellent opportunity for those in the related industries to come, exhibit their products and services and also meet with the ideal business for extensive and lucrative networking during the Niger Delta Food Basket and Craft Show holding at Ibom Halls, Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State from the 22nd to the 24th of August, 2018.

The Niger Delta Food Basket and Crafts Show which is proudly supported by Ibom Tourism and Uyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry will also feature free skill training for 200 persons, mentoring for students, fashion shows and other exciting and colourful attractions.

“It is the perfect place to connect with today’s, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, suppliers, young entrepreneurs and your peers. And it offers both buyers and sellers the opportunity to meet and deal with the biggest manufacturers, retailers and suppliers in the Niger Delta,” an excited Mr. Diala enthused.

The show which promises to be full of colour and culinary delights has already attracted top notch business outfits especially in the following categories such as; Food Manufacturers, Equipment Suppliers, Farmers, Development Organizations, Creative Businesses, Fashion & Designs establishments, Catering Services, Beverage Companies and Fabric Production/Retailers.

Other participants expected at the event are Supermarkets, Cash & Carry shops, Importing, Distributing and Wholesale companies, Food service companies, Department stores, Contract/Catering businesses, Restaurants, Hotels and Schools.

Speaking further, Mr. Diala, who himself is into ‘Development Hospitality & Tourism’ , said that, “Visitors at the food expo can also attend sessions about production planning, agritourism, retailing, branding strategies and farmers marketing. Local growers will also be available to showcase their expertise. The show will be very interesting and we can all be part of this epoch event. It’s a transaction ground for manufacturers, sellers, retailers, equipment, fashion, Food and it offers a great and unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, business enthusiasts and students, amongst others, to network and build up their businesses. Any discerning business person should try and explore this opportunity. Imagine the possibility of becoming a distributor for one of the producers.

“Imagine finding willing partners and related businesses at the event. The opportunities are much and must be explored and there are plans to further showcase businesses and individual participants in post event documentaries” he added with confident satisfaction.



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