IZU ANIOMA: Nzekwe to Have Handshakes Across Town Unions, Communities in Delta


The newly inaugurated National Contact and Mobilization Officer of Izu Anioma, the apex socio-cultural organization of Anioma nation, Prince Igwe Nzekwe has promised to make good use of his office in mobilization of Anioma sons and daughters to the actualization of the goals and aspirations of the group.

Prince Nzekwe who is also the President-General of Ani Ndokwa Clans Association ANCA, which is the association of the 37 Clans President Generals, Secretaries, Youths and Women leaders in Ndokwa land, equally appealed to the people of Delta Central and Delta South senatorial districts to rally support for the actualization of the Anioma governor in 2019 general elections, insisting that since the two senatorial districts have governed Delta State for eight years each there is the needs for the Delta North to complete its two term of office.

Speaking to newsmen shortly after the election congress of Izu Anioma held in Asaba, the Contacts and Mobilization Officer of the group, said the appeal to the people of Delta Central and Delta South to support Anioma nation in 2019 general elections became necessary because, according to him, the forthcoming general elections will be the first time the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP ), in Delta State will go into without presidency connection, warning that it is dangerous for the Anioma politicians to relied solely on campaign in the social media alone.

He urged the Delta North politicians to stop the bickering in the social media but rather concentrate on how to sell their ideas to the eligible voters, noting that most of voters have no access to the social media.

“The politicians should work more with the clans President-Generals, Secretaries, Youths and Women leaders because they are in a better position to reach out to the people at the grassroots, the ability to mobilize eligible voters is very important knowing that Delta and PDP in the state have no connection with the presidency, what happened at Ekiti state should be an eye opener.” He added.

Nzekwe while calling on all political parties in the state to field thier governorship candidates from Delta North for equity, fairness and for corporate existence of the state, he pledged to use his already made contacts to have handshakes across the President-Generals of all the town unions and communities in the state with a view at ensuring that Anioma is allowed to complete its eight years of office as governor of the state.

Speaking on the unity and development of Anioma nation, Nzekwe added; “There is so much more to be done to improve the socio-economic well-being of our people. First, we must work in unity as one indivisible family, all clan President-Generals should continue to interact through our regular meetings. The Aniocha Oshimili, Ndokwa Ukwuani and Ika must be treated fairly by those in public offices, every constituency must be giving its dues, that way the unity and development of Anioma nation will be total.”

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