Anger, Pain In Ndokwa East, As Floods Ravage Communities ***Nzekwe, Ijoma Call for Government’s Urgent Attention

Members of the Presidents and Secretary Generals Association of Ndokwa East LGA, have appealed to the Federal and Delta State Governments, Civil Society Organisations CSO, Corporate Organizations, and well meaning individuals to come to the aid of the people as floods ravaged the areas even as they expressed disappointment over what they described as ‘marginalisation and total disconnect’ between the people and the ruling class.

Speaking during an emergency meeting of the President Generals, Secretary Generals, Youths and Women leaders of all the communities in Ndokwa East at Ashaka, Prince Igwe Nzekwe (JP), the President General, Ani Ndokwa Clans Association, noted that the presumed marriage between the former Aboh division and Asaba division known today as Anioma has not favoured the Ndokwa Nation.

According to him; “Since after the 2012 floods that ravaged the entire Ndokwa East LGA and left most of our private and public facilities dilapidated, our children are still sitting on floor to read in some areas as a result of lack of seats in public schools. Building remains with leaking roofs, falling ceilings and broken walls. Few examples like mixed secondary school Utchi, and the only primary health centre located at Oboma Utchi serving the seven communities that make up Utchi Kingdom is in shambles, including primary schools and health centres at Umuti in Akarai are all in shambles.”

Prince Nzekwe who is also the National Contacts and Mobilizations Officer, Izu Anioma, the apex body of Anioma nation, regretted that all efforts made to draw government attention at all levels have failed, noting that the political leaders in the area are not helping matters.

He said; “The only opportunity that would have made us meet the state Governor, through the town hall meeting is yet to take place in Ndokwa East. Is Ndokwa East not part of Niger Delta? How else can we contributes more to the state or federal economy when we play a very peaceful and loyal host to the largest gas plant in West Africa, host to Agip since 1959, Stalin globals and many others Oil companies. Also it is at Okpai former President Obasanjo commissioned Independent Power Project IPP, which was step down in Obosi, Anambra state and suppling electricity to Abuja, yet we have nothing to show for it but rather we remain the least developed LGA in the state.”

According to Nzekwe; “Our present governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa is trying his best. Some of the elected and appointed political office holders from Ndokwa land are our problems. If you talk, you will be stigmatized. Instead of making the governor to understand what people are saying. You will become an enemy to them when you complained about lack of development in Ndokwa land. Ndokwa East riverine is totally disconnected from the state. Our people in government are not telling the governor anything. Our governor has many political appointees, some are community advisers, they don’t even know what is happening in their own communities not to talk of others. Some are political advisers, as at now, they don’t even know the type of political arithmetics that is going on now in the state ahead of 2019.” He regretted.

Also speaking in the enlarged meeting where people took turns to narrates their anger and pains owing to the lacking of government attention in the area and now made worst by the ravaging floods, Chief Ike Ijoma, the Secretary General of the Association of Ndokwa East President and Secretary Generals, lamented that the experiences of the 2012 floods are back again, and advised the government at all levels to urgently come to their aides.

“Urgent measures should be taken to relocate our people on time. We are vehemently opposed to any arrangements where our people are made to be subjected to all manner of treatments in emergency camps by representatives of government that are not indigenes as was the case in 2012.” Ijoma noted.

Continuing; “The under development of Ndokwa East LGA especially, the riverine is an indication of a complete disconnect between us and the government. We don’t know if we are still part of Delta State. The government only remember us during elections. The entire communities of Abala, Utchi, Lagos-Iyede, Iyede-Ame, Onyia Umu-Olu, Adiai, Onorgbokor, Anyama, Akarai, Inyi, Onuabo clans are completely cut off, no road, no electricity, no water, no health care facilities, our women travel with boat to Anambra state to deliver.”

“We are calling on government to come to our aides, NDDC, DESOPADEC and the Ministry of Niger Delta have have not affected us in anyway. The free maternal health care of the state government is not presence in riverine areas.” He stated.

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