The city of Port Harcourt went agog with great joy and jubilation, on
Tuesday September 18, 2018, as the people in their massive numbers thronged
the Port Harcourt International Airport to welcome one of their own and a
great son of Rivers state, Chief Barr. Dumo Lulu-Briggs, as he arrived from
Abuja to formally meet his people and tell them in person, that he had
finally answered their call and accepted their request and appeal, to
contest in the race to become their governor come 2019.

It was a spectacular sight to behold. Volunteers moved by their love for
this man, welcomed him with pomp, glamour and joyful celebration.
Different ethnic groups in the Rivers family, decked out in their colourful
traditional attires and resplendent in their cultural glory, turned out
enmasse to show their solidarity and limitless, honest, unconditional
support for Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs.

Addressing the mammoth crowd of supporters and APC faithful who had joined
him in a peaceful and carnival like rally through some major streets in
Port Harcourt all the way to his campaign headquarters, popularly known as
‘Liberation Home’, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs urged them to believe in their
dreams and hold it firm, even as he encouraged them to keep working on
their dreams because nothing good comes easy.

In his words, “With the gift of my innocence, I tell you that ever so
often, that which ought to be, never comes for free; You will have to work
for it. If the mountain was smooth, you couldn’t climb. Even when God
promised us Canaan, He had to take us through the wilderness. I can tell
you that we are not against someone, we are for something. We are for an
ideal, an idea whose time has come. That you must begin to matter; that
government must be about you and your aspirations, and that you must be
allowed to pursue those aspirations. And that the minimum that society must
do is to encourage you to pursue those aspirations. We have had no
varieties in our lives, just the vanities of our leaders that we have had
to endure and we say never again!


“What you need is your potential. The opportunities you get, will no longer
be by who you know, but by who you are. Our party, the APC stands for
change and that means that old things are passed away; and the new thing is
opportunity for all; and that if you have an aspiration, have the courage
to see it through. You have to believe in yourself for others to believe in
you. If it is about you, then we must see it to a logical conclusion. If it
is about jobs, about your education, about your healthcare, we cannot give
up on you. It will not be easy, but we cannot give up at the first, second,
third or even fourth defeat. We have to fight until that thing which
belongs to you, gets to you,” he rallied the crowd.

Quoting late Mohammed Ali, the world’s famous boxer, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs
said: “Impossible is just a dare. Impossible is a big word thrown around by
small men who find it okay to live in the world that they have been given,
rather than explore what you have to change that world. Impossible is
nothing!”, he encouraged his supporters, urging them to continue to believe
and keep hope alive.

He then informed them of the forthcoming APC primaries and also charged
them to register as APC members in their different wards so that they can
cast their votes in the primaries and while urging them to spread the word
to their homes and communities and to tell everyone that their time has
come, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, also thanked them profusely for their support
and loyalty and promised never to give up on them.

“I have entered into a covenant with God to work for the small man, the
small woman and the child on the streets and the voiceless people who live
in the shadows of life. My aspiration to become the governor of Rivers
state is all about you and I promise you that I will never give up on you
or forget you,” he assured them wholeheartedly.


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